Chapter 9

To calm down a bit I went shopping with Maki.
We were just taking a break in a little restaurant.

“…When I saw Rika with her blond hair I fell off my chair! She reminds me of this woman…who was it again…errr…ah yes! Marilyn Monroe! What’s up with you guy’s?! You all have short hair now! But Rika…geeez…”
Maki took a little sip off her cup of coffee, “I think that’s really strange isn’t it? Matsu? Oi! Oi! Hey! Here! Huuuhuuu! MATSUURA!!”

“Eh?” Was she talking to me? “Yes?”
Maki looked over to me with an angry face, “Did you just hear anything what I was talking about?”
“Err…no. I mean yes! Yes!”
“I think you didn’t! Than say something what I just said.” Maki smiled devilish.

“Yui…big boobs?” I stuttered.

“Buuu buuu~ No! Geez Aya…where’s your mind huh?”
“Sorry…I’m a bit…off today.”

Suddenly Maki looked really…strange?
“Realised that.” She said.
“You know…work and stuff.” I laughed a bit trying to start another topic.
“You didn’t work last week.” Maki replied cool.
“I…I did? Didn’t I?”
“Not the whole week. You only had one recording thingy to do and then you went with Miki to Hokkaido right? Man…and now you haven’t got to work this week too…lucky you…” Maki whined.
“Ts! I had really hard work to do the last months! I need my break yah?!”
“Yeah yeah ok! But I had to work really hard too…” Maki’s voice got sadder.

I crossed my arms, “Normally you must be happy! You kicked me off from my ‘best solo singer’ throne!”
Maki giggled, “I’m sooo goooood!”
“Wait until next year dear!” I laughed back.
Now she pouted her cheeks, “You can’t beat me!”

The conversations with Maki are often on this kind of level. But it’s fun. You really can hang out with her! I’m really glad I can hang out with her if we have both days off. But she has a lot to do this year. Maybe it’s better to get beaten by a strong girl like Maki. If it would be Kusumi or Nakazawa I would stick my head into the ground and would never pull it out again!

“Enough of that. What’s worrying you?”
“Just little things.” I replied.
“Oh man what has Miki done this time? Being angry with you because you never use her presents? Well I can understand her. You know if someone---“

“Oi! She isn’t angry! And what are you talking about with presents? It’s me. I think I made a promise that I could regret.” I mumbled and looked at my cup of tea.
“Oh oh…the last time you promised something it ended in a catastrophe…” Maki said and scratched the back of her head.
“I know! And this could end in a disaster…”

Maki widened her eyes and looked at me with a wide opened mouth, “What have you promised this time?!”

I felt that I began to sweat, “Err…well, I promised that when she comes back tomorrow evening…I would do everything for her.”

Suddenly Maki began to laugh really loud; the people were already looking at us.
“Gosh you ARE such a dummy! Idiot you! I bet Miki will use that chance!!! Poor you! Hahaha can I record it?”
“No! What do you think she would make me to do?” I asked shyly.

“Well…I can’t say what she would want you to do, but I can tell every detail from Iida’s promise to Nakazawa! Believe me! I had so much fun to watch it! You really can’t imagine what these stupid girls are doing when they are drunk!”

I gulped.

“W-what did they do?”
“Can’t remember…thought it would help you to relax a bit.” Maki explained.
I fell off my chair, “What?!”
Maki giggled, “Joke, Iida and Nakazawa were really drunk. I was still in Morning Musume, it was on our Christmas present exchange day. Iida joked that she would do everything on this night, so Yuko used the chance and made Iida wear a rabbit costume and let her dance her stupid dance. You had to watch that! And because Iida was really…bad, Tsuji and Kago throw their candies at her. Well the candie thingy weren’t so good but you must have seen her!”

“Aha aha…”
Not interesting at all…

Suddenly I felt vibrations.
“Ah wait got a text message!”
I took out my cell phone and looked who it was, “Ah from Miki…Aya-chan we will be on our way home now. Recording ended earlier.” I read out.
Maki giggled, “Good luck. Well I will go now.”
I looked up, “Yeah ok…wish me luck.”

Maki went out of the restaurant.
I looked on the table. “Oh!”
This tricky girl…now I can pay for her…
I paid quickly and went to Miki’s place. She gave me her second key.

“I’m nervous…nervous…” I stuttered and looked on the clock every minute.
After a while I heard the door opening.


“Hi Taan~ I hope it’s ok that I us—“ I break down my sentence.
Gosh! She looked beautiful!!
She was dressed in a black dress…her curly hair…GOSH!

“H-Hiiii” I stuttered and shut my mouth again…I nearly drooled…
“Everything ok?”
“Y-yes! A-and? How was r-recording?”
Miki sighed and dropped onto the couch, “Stressful!”
“Something happened?” I asked.
“Sayumi and her ‘I’m the cutie blablabla’ thingy are getting on my nerves…”
I sighed as well, “She is like a 6 year old kid that doesn’t grow up…”
“Eeeexactly…” Miki replied and looked on her watch, “Hmpf…when does your promise start?”

“Ah…errr…well you came back earlier…” I stuttered.
Miki giggled, “Nervous?”
I nodded.
“Don’t worry Aya chan.”
I smiled.
Did I say she looked really beautiful?...

“My shoulders are r-“


She didn’t have to finish her sentence. I took her by her wrist and lay her onto the sofa and massaged her shoulders.

It looked good for me, didn’t it? You are wrong…

“Yano…” she whispered.
I stopped.
“S-shit…” she stuttered and turned around to face me.
My body froze completely.
“A-aya I…let me-“

“…so you…have a…”
“You lied…how long…?”
“I…I” she stuttered again.
“How long?!!!!” I shouted.
“A few days…” she replied. She wanted to touch me but I was already gone.

I heard her shouting my name…she followed me…but than she stopped.


‘Why…? Why…?’
I kept asking myself.
Tears were running down my cheeks. They were cold…
My body felt cold as well…
No wonder…sitting under a bridge without a jacket…

“Why…I…love you…I wanted to tell you…I—“I couldn’t speak anymore.
My heart was filled with anger and loneliness…I wanted to tell her…And now…I can’t…I don’t want to see her again…
While I was crying my eyelids were going heavier and heavier…

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