Chapter 5

Miki pressed the start button and the DVD began.
She leaned her back against my chest and her head rested on my shoulder.
Often I was her pillow.

“Ahem…” she said.
“Whoops I forgot.” I quickly said and wrapped my arms around her stomach.
You wonder why huh? Because Miki often plays with my hands during a movie.
She began to giggle again.


“Nani?!” I said and watched the film carefully.
“It’s only a movie. Don’t worry Aya-chan.”
“But this looks so real…”
“That’s how a movie should be right?”
“Yeah but…”

The character that Miki played was getting raped at the end. Well I think it, it really looked so.

“Did he hurt you, during the recording?”
“It hurt a bit when my back hit against the wall. But they were careful.”
“I know it’s only a movie but…” I held Miki tighter.
“Well it’s just…it hurts when I see you playing such a role…” I said and held Miki even tighter.
“But see nothing happened.”
“Yeah but in the end someone else got hurt.”
“It’s a movie. ONLY a movie.” Miki said again.

I was quiet and didn’t watch the end. Different thoughts were coming to my mind.
Ok it was only a movie but it really looked so real…

“Do you care about me?” Miki asked while she turned her body so that her side was leaning against my front.
“Of course I do Miki!”
“Really?” When she leaned her head against my shoulder while looking up to me, I felt her warm breath against my neck.
“Uhum…I do.” Was my kind of weak reply.
Gosh I was totally weak all of sudden. She was flirting wasn’t she?
Her tone. Yes she flirted with me. Again, was she?

“I’m thinking of you all the time.” Miki whispered.
I raised an eyebrow.
“All the time?” I joked.
She blushed and nodded.

Suddenly I had the feeling someone switched on a button in my head. My feelings for her were growing again. And I couldn’t stop them. I finally realised, this is how I feel, but there was still the question: ‘Does she feel the same?’

Should I risk asking or should I just keep it for me? I need time to search for the answer.

“Ah~ Tan~ you’re the best maid ever~” I said and hugged her.
But somehow I must really have surprised her.
She was lying under me now.

She laughed.
“Ah gomen.” I said smiling and wanted to go off her.
But she grabbed my shirt.
“Just want more hugs” she said pouting her cheeks and looking up like a little kid.
“Scaaary” I laughed.
“No! Cute, right??”
“Hm…maybe it’s right? You are cute.”
She smiled when I said that.
“Of course I’m cute.”
“Hm…yes you are right.” I whispered.
“And you are Cool.”
“Baka~” Miki laughed, grabbed my T-shirt again and we swapped positions.
Miki was lying on top of me, crossing her arms and resting them on my chest.
“Hmpf M-Miki! Can’t breath-“

“Oh Sorry.” She crossed her arms around my neck. “Better?”
I nodded.
“Since when you like it that I hug you?”
“I like it being in someone’s arms who I like.”
“Hm…I never knew that. Just had the question in my mind because, you always snuggle into me more often than before.”
“Well you are like a teddy bear that I love to hug.” Miki laughed.

I closed my eyes.
“Thanks.” I whispered and stroked her back playfully.

And again…silence…

“Oh Aya-chan, it’s late. Let’s go upstairs?”
I let out a yawn.
“Uhm. Let’s go.” I replied and waited until she got off me.
We first headed to the bathroom then we jumped into our pyjamas and went into Miki’s bed.

“Ah…how I missed this bed…I really loved it when I was young.” Miki giggled and snuggled herself into me.
“Hehe…And now you love it even more because I’m sleeping in it too hah?”
“I’m happy yes.”

My heart beat went faster. I only hopped she wouldn’t hear it.

“Huh?” Carefully I took a look at Miki.

Cute. She was already sleeping. She must have been really tired. Well I was tired too…But I couldn’t sleep, not yet.
I took a look on my handy clock, 02:00 a.m.

I turned around. Miki was talking in her sleep.
It was funny to watch her.
Now I blushed. What was she dreaming? She was sighing?!
“Nani?” I whispered into her ears, with the hope she would explain something in her dreams. It failed. She was sighing heavier.
I took my pillow and pressed it against my face.
‘No…no…no…I hope she is not dreaming about...NO!’

“Aya-chan! Stop it!” She suddenly screamed.
I throw my pillow away and looked at her again, “What?!” I replied.
‘She’s still talking in her dream? Puuuh…what the hell is she dreaming?!’

“Hmmm! Stoooop it!” Miki shouted again, rolled on top of me and hold me tight, “This is my teddy…bear…chrr…” she added snoring.

My eyes were wide opened.
‘I better just stay quiet now…’
So I did and get very sleepy and sleepy and….slee…py…


“Huaaatshiii~!!!” I scratched my nose and opened my eyes carefully.

Whoa…I’m lying on the floor? How could that be?
I stood up and looked at the bed.
Crossing my arms and smiling at Miki who took all the space of the bed.
She must have punched or kicked me down.
“Funny girl.” I whispered and covered her with the blanket.
Slowly I took a bunch of clothes and crept into the bathroom.

“Morning Aya-chan.” Miki’s mum greeted me.
“Ah good morning.”
“Did you sleep well?”
I took a little pause.

Let’s see…
Miki was driving me crazy, she snored, she kicked and punched me down the bed, I spent the night on the floor and I caught a little cold…

“Reaaaally good!” I replied cheerfully.
“That’s nice!” Miki’s mum said and went downstairs.

When I was in the bathroom I took a quick shower.
“Uaatshuuuu~!!!” I sneezed.
Great it looked like I would catch a cold.
I quickly got dressed and went downstairs.

“Aya-chan? Would you do me a favour and go to the bakery?”
“Ah sure. No problem. What should I get?”
“Hm…8 rolls?” Mrs. Fujimoto replied.
“Ok! Question…where is the bakery?”
“Just follow the main street.”

I nodded and took on my shoes and my jacket.

“Huh? It’s warm? Miki was right! Weather is surprising!~” I laughed and made gestures with my arms.

“…?” I looked around; the people were looking at me.
I blushed and disappeared from the road where I was standing.

“Main Street…Main Street…ah…there!”
Wow the bakery was really near.
I went into the shop and my nose enjoyed the smell of fresh bred, cake and other stuff.

“Morning.” I greeted the older woman.
“Good morning. What do want?”
“8 rolls please.”
“Yes…here. Anything else?”
“N-no thanks.” I replied looking at really delicious looking cakes.
“Have a nice day.” The older woman smiled.
I smiled back and went out of the shop.


“I’m back Mrs. Fujimoto. Here.” I said and gave her the bag that I brought with me.
“That was really kind of you thank you Aya-chan. Could you have a look at Miki please? I think she is still sleeping.”
“Ok.” I replied and went upstairs.

“Taaan~ wake up…?”
She wasn’t sleeping in her bed? Ah than she must be in the bathroom!

I went to the bathroom and opened the door.

“Mooorning Taaan!~”
Suddenly my eyes widened and I slapped my hand against my mouth.
She was standing with her back towards me…naked and wet.
And I, the idiot, came into the bathroom just when she was putting on her panties.
Great. I mean I often saw her naked, BUT! Not in a ‘surprising’ way.

I blushed when I realised that I was still looking at her.
“I-I think b-breakfast will be f-finished s-soon…” I stuttered and turned around.
“Ok. I will come down in a few minutes.” She replied normal.

Oh great! This is even better now! I’m totally embarrassed and she is totally calm?!

I closed the door behind me.
‘Oh my gosh…’

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