Chapter 13

“Oh yes yes yes! Finally Mikitty and me on Hawaii…hehehe” I whispered and ran in circles.
“Hohoho” Now I was jumping
I clenched my fist and looked up into the sky, putting on my sunglasses.
“Hihi Hoho haha!~ This is to good to be reeeeeaaal!~~” I giggled and danced around.

“Ayaya…here..we have room—“ Miki stared at me, “Ehm…What are you doing?”
“Whooo!” I screamed out of surprise, “N-Nothing!!” I replied quickly and stood still.
Miki gave me an irritated look, “Aha…yah well…we have room 223.”
I nodded, “Okeee!”
“How…how many cups of coffee did you have this morning?!” Miki asked me.
“2…or no wait…erm 6! Yeah 6!” I replied.
“You should leave it by one every morning…” Miki sighed and grabbed her bag.
“Naaah just kitting Tan~ No I’m exited an nervous~”
Miki smiled, “Come let’s have a look into our room.”
I nodded and followed her.

She had no clue that there was something…Something that I let prepare.
Mikitty unlocked the door and opened it.
“Whoaa! Nice room!” She said and dropped her bag directly down and looked around.
I did the same but stayed in the living room.

“Ayaya!! Look! Look here!” Miki screamed out of the bedroom.

Yes! She has found it! I ran into the bedroom, “What?” I asked cool.

“Whoa look at these nice pictures!”
I collapsed. She didn’t saw what I let prepare!!!
Quickly I poked onto her shoulder and pouted my cheeks when she looked back.

“Hm? Your ok?”
“Uhm!!!” I made a noise and pointed on the bed.
Miki’s eyes were passing my head and looked on the bed.
“Whoaaaa!” She screamed.
I wonder how much coffee she drank…

Finally…she picked up the bunch of flowers on the bed that I let prepare this morning.

“To Mikitty, Let’s have a nice stay here in Hawaii~ Ayaya.” Miki read and looked at me.
I gave her a smile, scratching my cheek with my index finger.
Is she going to hit me?! She looked onto the floor.

“You are so CUTE!!” she suddenly screamed and hugged me.
I giggled.
“You never did something like this before.” She said, her head turning red like a tomato.
“Yahhrr…you know erm…j-just a little idea…” I stuttered.
Miki giggled.
After we saw our hotel room we went down and ate something. We were hungry.


“Nice dinner…Puuh…is it only me or why is it so hot?” Miki asked.

‘Ahem…Girl we are on Hawaii…’

“It’s Hawaii…you should expect something from an hot island or not?”
Miki nodded.
“Soo…do you want to go out? Beach? Or just relax the first day?” I asked looking around again.
“I’m a bit tired…” Miki said and began to strip away her shirt, “So I will relax a bit…”

‘Oh…oh…oh…keep quiet…keep quiet…oh oh nooo….’

“W-What are you doing??” I asked and hid my self behind the door.
“It’s damn hot…so I just get off some clothes. It’s nobody here so it’s ok. Isn’t it?”

‘Nobody h-here? I’m standing behind the door with a bleeding nose!’

“Yahh…I will stay here than too.” I said, hopefully changing the subject.
“Uhm. Maybe we can go to the beach tonight.” Miki said and jumped onto the bed.
I didn’t exactly know why but I joined her…Maybe because it looked so inviting…

“Uhaaa I’m tired…” Miki yawned.
“You didn’t slept well last night hm? I heard you when you went into the kitchen.”
Miki nodded and sighed, “Uhn…the storm last night was so loud…”
“I didn’t hear anything…was it so loud?”
“Maybe it was your snoring! But wait…when you didn’t hear the storm why did you hear me?”

I blushed, “Erm…because you…because the…because the bed sheets moved! Yeah the bed sheets moved when you stood up!”
“Oh…I see.” Miki said calm and closed her eyes.

I had a deep look into her face.
“Something wrong?” she asked and kept her eyes closed.
“Do you have a 6th sense for catching me when I’m looking at you?!”
“Maybe…” she said and opened her eyes.

I smiled, “You are cute…”
Suddenly she turned around.
“You’re blushing?”
“N-No!” she stuttered and hid her face with her arm.
“Yes you are!” I laughed and turned her around.
She began to giggle, “Why are you saying this everytime?”
“Because it’s true…”
Miki began to laugh, “Stupid! Uha! S-stop tickling me!”

“A-aya! It tickles! Stop stop!” she cried out with her laughing.

“Uh! Ouch *%&!?° “ I screamed.
“Oh shit sorry! I didn’t want to kick y—“ Suddenly Miki laughed when she realised where she kicked me.

“S-stop laughing….ouch…even for girls it’s pain to get kicked down there…” I whined.
Miki wrapped her arms around my neck, “Sooorry~~”
I wanted to look up to her and give her my ‘angry’ look but my eyes stopped, staring at her chest.
Quickly I jumped up, “Yaahhh it’s ok!!! I have to use the toilet excuse me!~”


Damn!! My nose was bleeding again. This is getting on my nerves!
Good that she was wearing a bra…

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