Chapter 18

“IYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “
I heard a scream and before I had a chance to see what happened I felt a bad pain…
“Uh! OUCH! Miki?! What the X%”$!?!” I cried in pain.
“Your damn COLD feet touched mine!!!” Miki shouted and looked at me.
“Aw aw…ou…ch…”
She even hadn’t got a clue ‘where’ she had kicked me.
I kept rolling to the left side and then to the right side.
“What’s wrong?”
“W-what’s wrong?!” I cried out, “THAT’s wrong!!” I showed her where she kicked me.
‘Ups’?! Is all she can say?!
“It’s the second time you kicked me down there!” I whined. It still hurt.
“Awww…come on…don’t be so stupid…” she sighed and lay down onto her side again.
My eyes popped wide open.
“Even for GIRLS it’s PAIN to get KICKED down THERE!” I replied sharpen, “And even MORE when you are NAKED!!”
I pinched her butt.

“UUUHHHHH!!!” she quickly turned around, “AYA!!!”
I grinned, “We AREN’T quit…not yet.”
She gave me her super death glare.
“Honey, if you think your glare would work on me…you are wrong.”
“Then…what should I do to…” she came nearer and put her index finger under my chin, “…apologize?”
“Hm…I quite got an idea…” I grinned.
She grinned too.

A good deal later, we went into the shower and cleaned the mess we had left from our awesome night and from Miki’s apologize…

Miki and I we were both in a very good mood, so we choose to go to a temple.
It was cold but very nice outside.
“What will you wish for this year?” she asked me.
“I won’t tell you~”
“Aw come on! Pleeeeease.” She begged.
“Tell me yours.”
“No.” she laughed.
I smiled, “See.”

It was sad that we had to fly back after we went back from the temple.

The flight was quiet and without troubles. I hadn’t got time to stay at Miki’s place so I just went with her to the door.
“It was nice. I enjoyed it.” I said and put down her bag.
“Oh~ I enjoyed it too.” She had a smirk on her face…
Pervert girl you…

Miki looked to the left and I to the right.
“Safe.” We both said and kissed us.
“I will call you tomorrow. I will be away with the other girls, talking about a new single.” Miki said.
“Ok. I’ve got a lot to do as well…Well…let’s see…on Wednesday we will record the PV of Lu Lu Lu right?”
“Yep. What do you think? Will it be something like Melodies?”
“I hope so!” I began to laugh, “Well but I think Tsunku wouldn’t do that again…after all these rumors…”
Miki giggled, “But actually they were true, right?”
“But they don’t know…I hope.”
“Well ok…Love you and see you on Wednesday.”
I smiled and nodded.

“Goooood Morning girls~”
“Mooooorning.” We greeted a stuff member.
“Now…here are your plans for the PV. Nothing difficult. You two learned the choreography right?”
I nodded.
“Gooooood~ So Ok. There are your costumes. And the most…have fun hahaha~” the stuff member laughed and gave us a wink.
“I told you he’s gay…” Miki pinched my side.
“He iiiisn’t!” I replied.
Miki sighed and poked onto my forehead, “Believe what you want…”

“You’re ok?” I asked her.
“Hm? Yeah, of course.” Miki picked up her costume, “Why shouldn’t I?”
“Ah no…you’re just a bit quiet…that’s all.”
I had a look at the dresses…Ok I think when my mother will watch this PV she would give me a long preach that she doesn’t like it when she sees that I am wearing so short costumes again…
“I just got a call from my parents…they didn’t sound normal somehow…they said that I should come up to Hokkaido in May.”
“Why May? Not now?” I asked and got into the pants.
“Don’t know…they said that there is something we should talk about…Does it look good on me?”
I looked up, “Oh damnnnnn good~” I put up my hat and surrounded Miki’s waist with my arms, “So…they didn’t say about what they want to talk with you?”
“No…and that is what is worrying me.” Miki answered and checked my hat.

“GIRLS?! ARE YOU READYYYYY~~~?!” the stuff member shouted from outside.
“YEEEEEEES!” we shouted back.
“I believe you now…” I grinned.

“No, No, No! Cut!!” the director shouted.
“What?! What’s wrong this time?” I sighed angrily.
He stood up and came to us.
“You’re dance style is sooooo lame!”
“What?” Miki asked speechless.
He turned to Miki and grabbed her shoulders, “Straighten your back, damn it!”
That was enough!
I slapped his hands away and grabbed him by his collar. That even got the attention from the stuff and camera members.
“Watch out what you are-“

“Hey !! What’s going on?!”

It was Tsunku. What was he doing here?
I let go of the director. The director went to Tsunku and they began to talk.
The camera man soon joined the conversation. Tsunku kept calm but the director began to sweat.
After the 5 minute talk he threw his cap onto the floor and went out of the room.

“W-what happened?” I asked when Tsunku came up to Miki and me.
“Well he can search for another job now.” He said calm.
“Erm…huh? Are you allowed to do that?”
“Actually not, but he got fired sooner or later anyway. He did things he isn’t allowed to do so…”
Miki and I nodded.
“But Ayaya…” he started.
“Leave your ‘Asamiya Saki’ behavior at home, ok?”
I blushed and nodded, “O-ok. I’m sorry.”

Tsunku stayed and looked that everything went right.
It was funny but I was getting really tired…I hadn’t slept enough last night because I was on a TV show. So it was only 2-3 hours…
We got our schedules after the recording.

“Album recordings? GAM… WOW wait?! We get an Album?!”
Tsunku nodded, “Of course. It was time. There will be also a tour. Your first GAM tour. I think it will be a great Tour with many people.”
Hey wow it was getting interesting now!

Later I learned from Miki that she was happy about all this but it was too much. She will be Leader of Morning Musume soon…that would be a lot of hard work for her.
It also went to be that we haven’t seen us for weeks. The only thing we did was talking on the phone and sending us E Mails.

When Yossie Graduated from Morning Musume we all celebrated together.
Miki wasn’t there. She went up to Hokkaido and talked with her parents.
On the phone she didn’t wanted to talk about what they discussed.
She behaved different somehow…but I thought it had all to do with her part as Leader now…

To be continued…

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