Chapter 1

It’s the day before Miki and I will record the Promotion Video of ‘Melodies’.
Melodies will be our second Song that we will release together as the unit GAM.
GAM the shortcut of ‘Great Aya & Miki’ with the meaning of beautiful legs. We were really happy when we heard that we will build a unit together. It’s our friendship unit.

Actually, I’m at her place now. I’m staying overnight to learn our lyrics.

“Melodies in the Memories ona no ko no reality…I still can’t sing this part together with the following lines…”
“Yeah somehow it’s really embarrassing that when we would sing live this part would be playback…” I sighed.
“Ayaya we have to learn English! Really! Maybe we could sing English lines better then now”
“Without me Tan~ I don’t want to learn other language now”
“Then next year? I don’t want to learn it alone. Pleeease!~” Miki begged.
“Mooo~ why don’t you learn with Ai-chan? She is always walking around with English books”
“Naaah…it’s boring then…”
“I’m not stupid!” she laughed and punched my shoulder.
“Nee, let’s return to our lyrics ok?”

“Chiisame no shiitsu wo maki tsuketa mama…” I sang.
“Nichiyou no souchou neboke kao…” Miki sang after me.

“The song is nice but…”
“But what Aya?”
“Nah…somehow the lyrics are…perverse?”
“Do you think so?”
“Yeah, somehow…look here…” I pointed at one line “My face looks like I’m crying. Ok, you wouldn’t think something here but look here” I pointed at another line “My voice just doesn’t come out. Geez Mikitty…”

Miki looked irritated on the lyrics than she looked at me and back again.
I hit her arm.
“Mikitty!! Ok! To make it clearer to you! You know errrrrrr…hm…this girl who looks like Risa…right?”
“That girl! Every adult knows her!” I showed Miki the papers of today.

Her eyes widened. “Oh…her?”
“Exaaactly…so what I meant was…what was it again?” Damn! I forgot what I wanted to say….

“Do you know when she comes on TV?” Miki giggled.
“Mondays at 03:00 a.m. why?” I quickly put my hand against my mouth.
This isn’t true!!! Only ‘thoughts’ NOT ‘reality’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Whooops…’ I thought.

Miki giggled “So you have watched her?”
“No Mikitty! Let’s stop talking about that! What did I want to say…?”
“You babbled something with Lyrics.”
“Oh yes! So what I mean—“
“I know what you mean now Ayaya” Miki interrupted me giggling like a little kid.

Sometimes talking with her is embarrassing…

“C’mon let’s stop…tomorrow we only have to move our lips while the music plays.” Miki yawned.
“I hope we only have to move them tomorrow…after we understand the lyrics now…”
Miki giggled again.
“I don’t want to know what you are thinking now!! If it is what I think than STOP it!!” I shouted.

“Nee, Do you know what we have to do tomorrow?”
“No. Nobody said anything. We will have to wait until tomorrow”
“Our second single…great isn’t it?”
“Yes. It’s great. We are friends so long now.”
“Yeah first we both were solo singers, than I joined Morning Musume and now we build one unit. “
“So much happened over the years.”
“Somehow our conversations are strange”
“Yeah” I laughed.

“Uhaaa haaa…”Miki yawned.
“You’re tired too right?”
She nodded and rubbed her eyes.
“Let’s get ready”

We got into the bathroom and cleaned our selves, and then we jumped into our pyjamas.
Every time, doesn’t matter if Miki is sleeping at my place or I’m at hers, we share the same bed. Actually all Hello! Pro. Members do it so. Kind of a ritual.

“Did you hear that?” Miki whispered.
“This noise…”
“I don’t hear anything mikitty” I whispered back.

Click, click

“There! It’s there again!”
She turned around to face me.

Click, click

“Oi!” she cried out.
“Nani?” I laughed.
“You made that noise”

“This?” I hit my index finger nail against the other one.
“Baaaka!” she laughed and tickled me.
“O-oii” I cried out.

After our fight finished, she rested her head on my shoulder, her left hand rested on my arm.


Then I heard lightly snoring sounds. I sighed. Somehow memories came back to my head.

‘Nee…What would I do when you get married?’
‘I mean, I would be really jealous’
‘Who are you anyway?’

‘You know we can’t accept to get any closer’

I shook my head.

“Oi…hold still I’m trying to sleep…” Miki mumbled.
“Ah…Gomen.” I hold on my breath.


Then Miki slapped her palms against my cheeks.

“Oiii!!!” I shouted.
“Ah…you’re ok. Why are you holding your breath?!”
“Maybe you can sleep better then?”
“Just shut up…” Miki rolled onto her side.

She was sleeping again.

‘I- is she angry?’


[[ Morning ]]

I felt something heavy on my chest.
Slowly I opened my eyes.

‘O-ok…she never did something like this before…’

“MIKI!!!!!” I screamed.

I felt when her head got up to look what’s wrong. But that wasn’t the only thing I felt. When her head went up to see what’s wrong she hit it against my nose.

“Kuso! Ouch…” I cried out.
“Nani?...Oh…I’m sorry!” She jumped on my lap and looked at my nose.
“Am I bleeding???”
She quickly got an tissue and cleaned my nose.
I looked into her eyes. Her eyes were fixed on my nose.
My head moved forward but then I hold it back.
“Huh? Something wrong she asked?”
“Er no! I just…ehm…felt a pain in my back that’s all.” I lied.
“Oh” she said and looked at my still bleeding nose again.

‘Gosh…did I?...I wanted to…? I wanted to…kiss her? Damn Aya! Stupid!’ I thought trying to breathe calm.

“It stopped. I’m sorry”
I shook my head “Its ok.”

“Come let’s get ready we have to go in 1 hour.”

Quickly we had a little breakfast and after we finished everything a car picked us up and drove us to the studio.

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