Chapter 8

After our stroll Miki invited me to her place. Like usual I was sleeping there again. I said before…the feeling that I have to show Miki that I really like her was growing and growing. The last years she was giving me so much. But I was really blind…Was I really so stupid? This thoughts are giving me so much pain…And maybe when I give her all the feelings back that she gave me…I could slowly enter a new door in her heart…or not? Even…I have to be careful.
My try at Tokyo bay failed completely… I’m scared. What should I do…when she doesn’t feel anything for me…?

I had to find it out. But something is on my mind that is driving me crazy…
She refused Hiro’s love…for what reason? Does she already got a boyfriend and never told me? It’s hard work to find the answers for my questions.

I looked over to Miki. She is enjoying the hot bathwater.
“Do you have any work tomorrow?” I asked. Miki kept her eyes closed, “Yes…tomorrow we will record the Promotion Video of Aruiteru.”
“In Tokyo?”
“No…somewhere outside…”
“How long?”
Miki opened her eyes, “About 2 days I think.”
I let my body sank deeper into the water, “Really? Do you have to get up early?”
“8:00 a.m.”

I let out a little sigh.
There was silence again.

“Your breasts are getting bigger aren’t they?” I sank deeper into the water.
‘Great start Aya…the perfect start for an EMBARRISSING conversation!!!’

Miki giggled, “Don’t know. You think so?”
“W-well they look bigger…o-or not?” I stuttered.
Miki smiled, “Go ahead, can touch them when you like.”
I blushed, “R-really?”
Miki nodded.

Slowly I moved towards Miki. Somehow it felt like the water was holding me back to touch her. She was relaxed…like usual.

‘No!! Damn!’
Now everything was happening so fast! I found myself pressing Miki against the bathtub. My right hand on her breast and my other hand…on a place that I’ve never touched before…

“Sorry! I didn’t want to…I mean…I”
‘Stop talking!!! Get your stupid hands off her!!’
I quickly jumped back.
“Did I hurt you?” I asked quickly.
“N-No” was her shy reply.
My heart was pumping really hard, “T-they got b-bigger…” I stuttered.
Miki smiled. I loved that smile…Everytime when I see it I think about her “Cheri” Cover…


We were lying in Miki’s bed now.
Ok…I will count this as day one…
“Miki chan?” I whispered.
“Look here…”
Miki turned around, “Head CATCH!~” I laughed. Miki began to giggle when she found her head between my hands.
‘Good start, right?’

“Say…since when you started to kiss everyone?”
Miki punched me lightly when she heard ‘everyone’.
“I don’t give EVERYONE a kiss! And! I do it because it’s funny!”
“So, I’m the only one who get those ‘funny’ kisses?”
“Well to be honest…I give them to Yocchan as well.” Miki began to giggle, “You know…She’s really cute. And her boyish style is funny.”

My heart sank when I heard her saying that. I kept quiet. And again…I worried her.
“You’re ok?”
I shook my head, “Is there…something about you two?”

Miki began to laugh loudly, “Don’t you think I would have told you?”
“Yah, maybe you got some secrets? Secrets you haven’t told me?” I pulled the blanket up to my chin.
“None. No secrets that I haven’t told you.” Miki said and did the same what I did.
We began to giggle.

Suddenly I got an idea.
“Say…” I began, “ What would you think when I would do everything you want?”
“I don’t get that.”
“Doing everything you want me to do for a couple of days?”
“Hm…you’re sure?”
“Tooootally sure! You’re my best friend! It would be fun or not?”
Miki thought about it.
“Ok. What’s the limit? How far can I go?”
“No limit.”
She pinched my cheek, “Are you sure?” her tone was…naughty!
“Ok. Hmmm…thanks. So when does your idea starts?”
“When you come back from recording? So…that would be on Wednesday until frieday?”
“Saturday too please!” Miki begged.
Miki giggled, “That’s great! I think that could be fun.”

‘Oh shit…what have I done?’


A stupid tone woke me up.
“What’s that stupid noise?!” I screamed and looked around.
It was Miki’s clock.
“Oh…this stupid noise…is my own song?”
I looked around. The other side of the bed was empty.
On the pillow was lying a little note:

Enjoy your last hours of peace!~
When I will come back you will wish that you never made me this
special offer!~ *giggle*
See you tomorrow~

Miki… No! Devil_Miki *laugh*

Now I was really sweating.

“I’m stupid!!! Get me out of heeeeeere!!!!”

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