Chapter 3

It was really late. I wondered why they are recording a Hello! Morning episode at this time.
My laptop was switched on, so that I can see when Miki is finished.

Finally after 13 minutes I got an e mail.

I’ve finished recording. Just something stupid with Ai and Eri…But it was good that Yocchan was there! I can’t handle those kids…
Well I’m driving to my apartment now. I’m tired. I saw that you have a free morning tomorrow, so I want to ask you if you have time tomorrow morning.
Maybe we could go to a café? Because I want to ask you something.

Sleep well Aya-chan~

“Oh? Hm…tomorrow?”

I quickly wrote back.

Of course. I will pick you up tomorrow.

Sleep well.


“Morning Tan~”
“Sorry I’m a bit late.”
“Let’s go into this café.” I said quickly before Miki could get angry at me.

We walked into the very little café. There weren’t much people.

“Morning. Can I get you something?” A young girl asked us when we sat down. She looked really surprised when she saw that there was sitting two really famous girls.

“I would have a coffee.” Miki said and smiled.
“Uhm…I will take an orange juice.”

“O-ok!” the girl stuttered and went into the kitchen.

“So? What do you want to ask?” I asked crossing my arms on the table.
“Well we both got a free weekend right?”
“Right. So?”
“I will go to my Hometown then. Would you like to come with me?”
“Ohhh~ If I don’t make too much trouble sure!”
Miki smiled like a little kid who got a really new and cute teddy bear.
The expression was really cute…

“So…that’s a yes?” she asked again with a cute smile.
“Haaaiii!” I laughed.
“Thanks Aya-chan! My parents will be really happy when I bring you along!”
I blushed a bit.
“Oh really?”
Miki nodded and giggled.

“Here” the girl came back with our drinks.
“Thank you~” Miki and I said.

“Ah~ Tan. Wait today is Thursday when do we fly then?”
Miki was quiet now.
“Well…anno…” Miki looked a bit guilty at me.
“06:00 p.m…today…”

“Oh…well enough time.” I smiled at her.
Miki looked up. Somehow she was surprised at my reaction.
“What?” I asked.
“N-nothing…” she looked at her watch, “Better go now…you always need long to pack your things.”
She quickly put some money on the table and dragged me out of the café.
“Nani?? Tan~?”
“Come on we have to pack your things together!”
“But our drinks!” I screamed.
“I will make it good when we are back here again! And when we are quick we maybe get an earlier plain.”
“Sounds simple…”


We first got to my place. I packed all my important things.
“Anno tan. Which weather do you have now?”
“Hm…it might be still a bit warm. But take some warmer clothing with you too. Weather is surprising.” Miki watched me while I was packing my things.

It took 3 hours to pack my things. “Finished!~”
Miki smiled and the first situation started again, she dragged me out of my apartment and we got into a taxi and drove to hers.
“Uhaa…Tan~ Give me a break…” I sighed.
“We only have 1 hour!”
“Hayakuuuu!!” I laughed.
Miki only had to pack a few things because she already packed yesterday.


Finally we were on our plane to Miki’s Hometown Takikawa.
I was there a few times. But not that often. Somehow I feel I have to go there more often. Miki was coming to my Hometown Himeji more times than I at hers.
I took a peep with my eye on Miki.

‘Oh…she’s sleeping’

I rested my chin on my hand and looked at her.
She always looks so relaxed when she’s sleeping.
And…really cute.

After over 1 hour the captain said we are going to land.
I didn’t want to wake Miki up but I had to. I carefully took her hand.
“Miki…Miki we are going to land now…”
“Mhhhmpfff…” Miki opened her eyes really slow.
“Sorry but I had to wake you up.”
Miki turned her head and smiled at me.
“Oh…” I said when I realised that I still was holding her hand.
Miki giggled.


Miki hugged her mother tight.

‘Cute…Eh? What are you thinking again? Matsuura san! No! No!’

“Mother I brought Aya-chan with me.” Miki said happy and took my hand.

“Ah Matsuura san…It’s nice to see you again.”
I nodded and smiled.
“Come inside you two must be tired right?”

Miki and I were taking off our shoes and left our bags in the corridor.
It was a small house with two floors.
Upstairs was Miki’s room and the Bathroom.
When we entered the living room Miki’s father was reading papers.
“Oh Miki-chan!” The old man said when he felt the hug from his daughter.
He took a look at me. I greeted him with a smile and a nod.
The old man smiled back.
“Welcome.” He said.
I nodded again.

“Girls it will take a while until I’ve prepared dinner. You can have a walk if you want.”
“Ok okasan.” Miki said and took my hand again.
First we took our bags and moved them into Miki’s room.

“Nothing changed.” Miki giggled.
“Ha! My looks like yours as well.”
“So we share one bed like the other time right?”
I nodded.
“Ok. Let’s have a walk around, yeah?”
I smiled.
“Whatever princess Miki wants.” I joked.
I felt a lightly punch on my shoulder.


“Ahhh~…fresh air…how I missed that.” Miki stretched her arms.
“Yeah. But a bit cold, though.”

We looking around and ended up walking in a little forest.
“I think you will be surprised now…” Miki said taking my hand.
My heart skipped a beat.
“I never showed you that place where we go now.”
“Oh. Eh?”
“Wait and see.” Miki smiled and looked up into the sky a bit.

‘Fuu…I thought she would…’ I shook my head.

When we walked out of the forest we were standing on a hill.

“Tadam~” Miki made a gesture with her arms.

I was speechless.
The Hill was full of the nicest flowers ever.

“T-Tan! That’s beautiful!”
“I know! I’m good huh? Let’s sit down…”
I nodded.
We seated ourselves on the grass.
Miki was really close.

“Beautiful…” I whispered.
“Yeah…the flowers are so no nice…”
“Hm…and cute…”
“Hm? Well yeah kind of cute yeah…? You really think so?”

“Of course you are cute…” I slapped my mouth “I mean the flowers.”

I had no idea that I was staring at her when we talked. Wait? I was ignoring the beautiful flowers and only looked at Miki?
But somehow she looked like she didn’t hear it.

“Did you say something?” she suddenly asked.
Fast I shook my head.
“Err. No!”
“Oh ok. I thought you said something.” Miki returned her look at the flowers again.

‘Whoops… anno…could it be you this time? Are you really feeling something for her?’

I was banned into my thoughts.

Suddenly I felt a warm hand on mine. I looked down and then to Miki.

“Aya-chan is something wrong?” she asked with a worried look.
“No everything alright! Say how long can we stay here?”
“Ahh Aya! My mother! Dinner! You are right! We have to go now!” Miki said taking my hand and dragging me down the hill.
“Miki carefuuuuuuul!” I shouted but it was too late.

We both fell onto the ground and were rolling down the hill.
After some rolling Miki was on top on me, than it was me who was on top again.
The circle was going until we stopped slowly.
Now I was on top of her.

Miki began to giggle. Her face was a bit green because of the grass.
But I didn’t look better. I had to laugh too and collapsed by side Miki.

“Haaa…~ Somehow it was fun.” I laughed.
Miki giggled even more.
“But somehow my legs hurt a bit.”
“Eh really?” I had a look, “They are looking fine, don’t worry. Maybe it was just because of this stupid stones.”
Miki nodded.
“Jaa…I will take you piggyback.” I said smiling, pointing at my back.
“I just want to have fun and see if I still can do it.” I laughed and took Miki’s hand.
Miki jumped on top of my back and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Whoa! You’re light!” I laughed.
“Yeah?” Miki rested her chin on my shoulder.
“It was a long time since I took someone piggyback.”
“Nice that you take me piggyback, even when I’m able to walk.” Miki giggled.
“Well dragging you back wouldn’t be a nice idea huuuuh? Oh, now that we are talking about dragging…” I began.
“Got it~ Sorry for this morning~” Miki giggled and pressed her cheek against mine.

‘Haahhh….her cheeks are soft and warm…’

“Ah~ We are back again.” Miki said and jumped off my back.
“Haahh…” I sighed.

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