Chapter 2

“Ohayou gozaimasu!” Miki and I greeted the Staff Members.
“Good Morning. Here your scripts.” A Staff Member handed us our script.

We walked into our dressing room.
“Oho white dresses.”
“Still very short, like the first dress. But beautiful.” I said smiling.
Quickly we got into them.
“Ok Aya. Let’s have a look into the script.”

“Girls! We start now.” A staff member came in and took away the scripts.
“Eh but we didn’t read the script yet.” Miki said with a high voice, pointing at it.
“Sorry but we really have to start.” The staff member replied.
I rolled my eyes and stood up from the chair.
“Come on let’s go. We can handle it.”
Miki nodded and we walked into the studio.

There was a bed.
I gulped.

“Morning Girls. This is your set.” The director said.
“Only this?” My voice sounded high, because of the surprise.
“Yes, it’s easier that way. Ok take your places, act like a couple. You will see you won’t need the script.”
“We even haven’t got a chance to read it…” I muttered.

We sat down on the bed. The music started.
“We can handle it Aya, don’t worry.” Miki whispered.
I smiled and nodded. This was work. And I do ‘everything’ to make my work good.

I thought this would be terrible but it was really fun. Miki seemed to enjoy it too.
First we made the lying scenes.

Miki went with her thumb over my under lip.
“CUT!” the director shouted.

“Uwaahh tickling~” I laughed and scratched my lips.

Now it was my turn. I had to stroke over Miki’s leg and then put my index finger under her chin to make her looking at me.
I was nervous when I stroked her leg. I thought she would kick me or something or would try to laugh. But she was calm.

“Aaand CUT! Great!” the smile on the director’s face was growing.

We both had to laugh.
“You really kept calm.” I said.
She nodded and smiled.
“But it tickled a bit.”

There were lot scenes of holding hands, looking at eachother and other romantic things. After a 10 minute break the director returned.

“Ok, I talked with the staff, we will now make the dance shoot version and then one last scene. The last scene is a bit difficult. But I believe you can handle it.”

“Hai~” we answered. I was wondering what this ‘last scene’ is going to be.

The dance shoot was really easy. Because there wasn’t much to dance to a calm song like Melodies.
After the dance shoot recording we went back to the bed set and sat down.

The director came to us with a serious face.
“Ok. This will be a little difficult but I think you two can handle the last scene. Aya, you have to kiss Miki.”

My jaw dropped onto the ground. I shook my head and looked at Miki. She was also very surprised. I felt that she took my hand and didn’t looked at me.
“We c-can handle this too, r-right?” she stuttered.

“O-ok.” I replied.

“Ready?” the director asked.
We nodded.

The camera was starting to film. My heart was jumping like never before.
I placed my hand under Miki’s chin and moved her head towards me.
She closed her eyes slowly.
‘Better do it right Aya…you don’t want to make more takes…’ I thought.
I leaned my head closer as well.
‘Now…ok…stay calm…stay calm…and now…’

“Nani?! Baka!” I screamed at the giggling Miki.
“S-sorry but hahaha~”

The director sighed. “Ok…places! Take two! And start!”

I did everything again.
Please~!! Don’t laugh!’ I thought.
My heart began to jump again when my lips were only a few inches away.

“Ahhhh!!! Cramp!!! Cramp in my foot!! Itaaaaaiiii!” Miki screamed.


“Ouch TAN!!!” I shouted and hold my face.
“I didn’t want to kick you but this cramp…ahh….ouch ouch…” Miki whined.

“Fujimoto san? Are you ok now?” the director asked.
“H-hai. Gomen. This time it will work promise!”

“OK! Take three! Start!”

And again my lips was only a few inches away from her lips. This time she was really calm. I felt it. My heart relaxed. I couldn’t think anymore. I kissed her. My mind was blurred.

“Ok. Cut.”


“Girls? Cut.”



I pushed my head away. Miki did the same.
Quickly I took her hand and dragged her out of the studuio.
“Nice work! Everyone… Arigatou, arigatou.” It was embarrassing.
The staffs were irritated about my behaviour.

‘Damn…’ I thought touching my lips with my index and middle finger.
I looked at Miki. She was sitting on the chair and had the same position like me.

It was embarrassing. We didn’t realise that we kissed longer. It was my fault wasn’t it? I held her closer after my lips touched hers.
Miki was quiet.
But then, “F-funny…” she said.

“Y-yeah” I stuttered and sat down next to her.
“Don’t say you didn’t enjoy it?! You must have right?! Because you…--”
“I know what I did Miki!! It was…ok?”
“I didn’t think about that you would hold the kiss longer than expected.”
I blushed. “It was a reflex…”
“But it was funny.”
I smiled a bit.
“Come let’s change and have a drink with the staff.” I said patting on Miki’s shoulder.


After only 1 hour I had my 6th drink. Tonight I was really in the mood for getting drunk. Miki said I should take it easy but she was already drunk too.

“Ok. We are all tired. We still have to film other PV’s tonight. You two did a really good job today.” The director said and the Staff was leaving one by another.

“Ayaya…we better go now too.”
“You think so? It’s only 10:00 p.m. now…”
“But you are really drunk. I thought I would be drunker than you. Because I am older than you.” Miki giggled.
“Geeeeeez!! Only one year. And you said on your radio show that you want to see me drunk, forgotten that?”

Miki thought about what I said.
“Ok! I bet I can drink more than you!” she suddenly asked.
“Yeah?! Ok! Let’s go to my place and make a bet!”
“Ok!!” Miki replied.
We paid and got a taxi that drove us to my apartment.
Why my apartment? It’s nearer and it wouldn’t be good if someone see us drunk and stupid on the street later.

“Kanpai!” We both shouted and started to drink one drink after the other.

It was a really hard battle against Mikitty. I felt a bit dizzy after my 8th drink.
Miki suddenly stood up and ran into the bathroom.
I heard noises.
After a while she came out again.
“Are you ok?” I asked.
She nodded and smiled.
“Just had to use the toilet.”
“Puhh…I thought you had to…you know.”
“No!” she laughed.
“Ok we are both winner. We and our stupid games…” I held my forehead because I felt even more dizzier.
“But one point is clear. We have NO chance against Yuko.”
I nodded and laughed.

We thought it would be the best to sit on the sofa and watch TV.
Miki had her head on my shoulder.
“Ne…we had fun today.” I said.
She was quiet.
“Eh? Oh yeah…”
I was able to look at her profile. She really is a beauty.

I kept staring at her. I didn’t know why but my eyes were fixed on her all the time.

“Do I have something in my face?” she asked suddenly, not looking up.
I shrugged. How did she know?
“How? Did you??”
“I can see you in the screen of the Television.”
“May I?” she asked pointing at my lap.
She placed her head on my lap. No wonder. She was really tired.

“Oh look. Our Futarigoto from last year.”
My eyes widened, staring on the screen.
My heart began to beat faster. But I somehow had to stay calm.
“N-nice. Let’s see what is on an other channel yeah?” I stuttered.
“Why? Let’s watch it. It was along time since I saw it.”

When something stupid happened Miki laughed. I tried to laugh but it failed.
But the scene were I was really frightened of was coming after a break.

“Excuse me. Have to go to the toilet.”
Miki sighed and moved her head from my lap to let me stand up.

I stood in front of my mirror and had no colour in my face.
“Yosh…go back…NOW! It’s only a stupid futarigoto episode…stupid? No! You can’t say stupid! You had fun! Damn…Aya…don’t be such a fool…” I talked with myself.
I used my weak legs to move back into the living room.

Miki was sitting in front of the sofa on the floor.

“Tan~ that’s uncomfortable.” I laughed.
I saw that Miki felt a bit irritated because of my sudden change.
I took her hand and helped her up. I seated back onto the sofa and patted on my lap with my hands.
Miki smiled and took her seat on my lap.
We often sit like this.
And then the part of the Futarigoto came.

“Nee…Aya-chan. What would I do if you get married?”
“I mean I would be very jealous…”
“Who are you anyway?”

“What are we going to be from now on?”
“Ne…you know we can’t except to get any closer, right?”
“Uhn. Right.”

I closed my eyes and waited a bit.
Miki took my hand.
“I’m hungry…” she said and turned around.
“Err, yeah. I will cook something when you like.”
“I want to help you.”
“You?! You only can cook easy things.” I laughed and poked on her nose.
She pouted her cheeks.
I smiled.
“Mo~ Ok!”
“Aya-chan~” Miki shouted in a really playfully and high voice.
“Kyeee~” I shouted back when she hugged me. Ok it was kind of struggling and not hugging.

I had two aprons. Maki was coming over often to cook something with me.
No one can beat her in cooking. She really has talent. I’m drooling over her cookies and omelette rice.

“So what would you like to cook then?”
“Hmm… maybe…Yakitori?”
“Uhn. Ok.”
It took about 30 minutes.
Yakitori was really easy.

We took our plates to the living room and seated us in front of the little table.

“Ohhhh! Oishii~” We said at the same time and then we laughed.
“Sugoi ne?”
“Yes. We should do that more often right?”
”Of course! You can teach me some things.” Miki said and fed me some of her yakitori. I did the same afterwards.
Miki smiled and giggled.
“Ah hora…” I said and stroked with my thumb over her right cheek.
“There was a bit sauce…” I said quietly.

Her cell phone rang.

“Moshi moshi? Ah Yocchan? Really? Uhn….Ok. ….Bye.”

“Aya chan I have a sudden Hello morning recording…I have to go.”
“Oh. Ok.”
“I will send you an e mail when I’m finished ok?”
A smile appeared on my face.
“Ok. Do that.”
Miki smiled.
She moved her head nearer to mine.

I felt how her hands patted on my cheeks.
“Thought I would kiss ya huh?” She laughed.
I blushed.

She put on her shoes and looked back; giving me a wink with her eye, she walked outside.

I was sitting there and felt really stupid.
“It must be a dream right?”

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