Chapter 4

“Mrs. Fujimoto the dinner was delicious!”
“Thank you Aya-chan.” Miki’s mum smiled.
“Finished. Mum I will help you washing up.” Miki said and put away the bowls.

Miki’s mum stood up and went into the kitchen too.

“And Aya-chan, how is work?” Mr. Fujimoto asked.
“It’s fine. Well a bit stressfully but fun. Like usual.”
“I heard you are building a group with Miki?”
“Oh yes! It’s called GAM and it is really nice to work with Miki in the same group.”
“And is Miki doing her job well?”
“Of course! She is super mega awesome!” I replied.
“Yah…I don’t find much time to watch the concert and other things. Someone has to feed the rest of family right?” Fujimoto laughed.
I nodded and smiled.
“Jaa…I will have a look around.”
“Ok be carefull.”

I walked to the corridor and put on my shoes.

Free time was something I often needed to get a clear head. And fresh air even more.
After only 7 minutes I arrived at a little canal somewhere in town.

“Oh…like Tokyo. Well only quieter.” I said to my self and seated on a little stone.
It was a great feeling, the fresh but calm wind against my skin, though it was very cold.
I took a look at the sky. Clear. The moon was reflecting on the water of the canal.

I sighed and rested my chin on both hands.
“Why do I have these feelings when you’re near me Tan…?” I asked myself but really quiet.
“We are supposed to be friends…only friends right?”

“Can’t just someone give me an answer please??!!” I shouted and looked up.

“About what?”

I opened my eyes and turned around.

“Oi, why didn’t you say anything? Maybe I wanted to join your stroll…”
“What are you doing?”
“Just sitting here…Hey! You are shivering!”
“Yes you are!”
“I’m not see!...... Uuuhaaatshuuuu!” Miki sneezed.
“See you catch a cold. Moo~ Here…”
I stood up and gave her my jacket. I was wearing two. Don’t ask me why.
“And this.” I gave her my scarf as well.
“T-thanks…” she stuttered.
“Hey you are still freezing? Need a Matsuura warmer?”
“Aya it’s o-“

I didn’t know why but I hugged her.
The strange thing…from behind.
I took her hands and rubbed them with my gloves I was wearing.

We were quiet for a moment.

“I’m happy that you cam with me…” Miki said.
“Well…when I’m alone on my free days I’m often bored…”
Miki giggled, “So this was a good idea?”
“You’ve got warm clothes…” she said quietly.
I laughed, “Maybe. Why are you walking without a jacket anyway?”
“Well, I was a bit scared that you could get lost.”
“Hatachi…Miki, I’m hatachi!”
“I know! But I was scared.”
I held her tighter, “Thanks.”

‘Earth to Ayaya…What are you doing again?’

I pulled my head back again. I wanted to kiss her AGAIN?! What’s wrong with me??! She looks like she’s in her ‘other’ world again and didn’t realised that I wanted to give her a kiss on her cheek. Is her face magnetic?? Or why am I trying this again and again?

“I think we should…go now? I don’t want that you or I catch a cold. ” I somehow said.

“It’s cold right?” Miki asked.
“Yes…” I sighed.
Miki and I were going back.


“Tada ima.” Miki and I said when we entered the house.

“Ah good you two are back. I forgot to say that we will have a drink with some friends. Are you two ok when you stay alone?”
My jaw dropped onto the ground.
“Yes mum. Have fun.”
“Ok bye. Be careful.” Mr. Fujimoto said and the two were leaving.

“Aya chan? Doshitano? You are so quiet.”

‘Great Aya…you’ve been worried her all the time now…just keep this thoughts out of your head and act like you always do yah? AND why should you love her? She is ONLY your best friend nothing more. And you still don’t know if she feels something. Stupid, really stupid thoughts…yeah that must have been it….only stupid thoughts…’ I talked with my self again.

“I’m daijobou Tan~” I answered with my normal voice again. I’m not thinking of this kind of stuff anymore.

Miki smiled. “Good.”

“Jaa…should we watch a DVD or something?”
“Haaai~” Miki answered and gave me the remote control of the DVD player; “I will just go upstairs and change into comfortable clothes.” Miki added and went up the stairs.

I looked on the remote.
“Ano Tan?...”
I sighed.
“She knows exactly I can’t handle things like a DVD player…mooo…”

“Chotto Tan?!”
“Which DVD?”

There was a pause.

“Don’t know” Miki came back down.
“Nani? You didn’t change?”
“Ano…well I didn’t pack comfortable clothes.”
I raised my eyebrow.
“Baka~! Have a look into my bag then.” I said, “Ah matte! Which DVD?”
She turned around again.
“Here.” She gave me a DVD and went upstairs again.

“Hm? Anime? Ohhh~” I giggled.

Dragon Ball GT, my favourite movie. Well my favourite anime movie.

“Yosh!” I said and had a big fight with the DVD player.

[15 minutes later]

“Eh? Moo Ayaya…” Miki took the remote control out of my hand and clicked only one button and the DVD started to play.

I felt that my head turned red.

“Oh…” I said scratching my head.
“Ah and thanks Aya…”
Miki pointed at the clothes she was wearing.
“Ah took them? You can have them Tan.”
“Hontou ni?”
“Uhn. You always wear them when you forgot that you sleep at my place sometimes. For me it’s no problem.”

“Demo Tan? You don’t really like dragon ball right? I haven’t seen your movie you were in…what was it called? Rika was in there too.”

“Uhm…17sai Tabidachi no Futari?”
“I think so?”
“Uhm…yeah ok.”

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