Chapter 14

2 Days in Hawaii and Tan was always relaxing. This girl is definitive an indoor type! I asked her about 20 times to go to the beach with me…Everytime I ended up walking alone…The only best thing was our bath times…
Damn…what should I do? Photo shootings in the morning until afternoon…not much time to hang out with her then…

“Hmpf…what should I do…?” I asked myself and looked outside.

I turned around, “Hm…?”
Miki smiled, “Want to go to the beach? Might be nice to go swimming when it is a bit late.”
A happy smile appeared on my face, “Finally! Of course!”
“Ok…I’m already finished. Go and get on your bikini~” She gave me a wink and disappeared in the living room.

Quickly I got into my bikini, covered from my hot pants and a tank top like Mikitty.
“I’m ready!~”
“Good so let’s go!~” Mikitty giggled and took my hand.


The sky was orange red already.
No people. Well of course there aren’t much people…we had a nice place between big stones and very much space. Funny that no one found this place already. Actually Miki found it when she was here with Morning Musume a few years ago.

Miki giggled and splashed water into my face.
I splashed back.

“EEEEH?? Where is she?”
Miki was gone? How could that be?

“M-Miki? T-Tan?” I looked around. No Miki.

Suddenly something stroked my leg, I looked down quickly.
Ah she was diving. When she came up again she splashed water into my face.
“Ehehe.” She giggled.
She was so cute. I like it when she is so happy.
Miki looked into the sky.
I caught her reaction,“Pretty isn’t it?”
“Aya, you know…I always wanted to watch a sunset with you…should we watch it together?”
“Sure.” I said.
We walked back to the beach and sat down.


“Do you think…we had the chance to swim naked just now?” Miki asked.
I laughed, “Eh?”
“Never did something like this before. You?”
“N-No…and I wouldn’t try it.”
Miki laughed quietly.

The last days she was so quiet…She was so playfully when we arrived here on Monday. But then she got quieter. I tried to get her laugh but it failed everytime.

“Tan is something wrong?” I asked and shifted closer.
Miki took a pause and shifted nearer as well, “D-don’t know…I was thinking about a few things the last days…”
“About what?”

She looked up into the sky. Her hand travelled to mine and holds it tight.
My heart was skipping one beat after another one.
“L-Love…I wonder…if there will be a chance for me again…”
Will there be a chance for me? That’s what I am thinking about all the time…

Quickly I jumped behind her and hold her tight.
“There will be chances…believe me…”
“I think there is no one who loves me…” she added.

“Don’t be so stupid!” I said and turned her around.
She shook her head.

“It’s true! I lost the person who I love the most!” she cried back.
My heart sank. What did she meant?
“W-wait, don’t tell me that you still love…this…”

“No!! I… Damn! Just leave me alone!” she shouted and stood up.
Quickly I grabbed her wrist, “Miki please tell me!”
She shook her head, when she did, something dropped against my face.

‘W-water? N-no wait…’

I let go of her.

“I wish I could understand what you are thinking…I’m trying so hard since weeks now to show you what I feel…but maybe…I didn’t show you enough…”,
I took a break, “Please…tell me what’s wrong…”

She seated herself near me again, her knees against her chest and her arms wrapped around them.

There was a long silence.

“I don’t know…I’m not myself the last days…”
“I realised that…why? Do you have an answer why you are so upset the last days?”
Miki shook her head.
“When something is worrying you tell me…please.”

Miki took a long break and was thinking again.

“There is something…what did you meant by ‘I tried so hard since weeks now to show you what I feel’?”
I sighed…”I need time for this…I think…I just erm…It’s something I have to tell you”
Now Miki’s look was even more irritated.
Miki nodded, “Is it bad?”

“Don’t know…” I said and took her hand.

Again there was silence.

“Say…did it leave a scar?”
“On your shoulder.” Miki said and looked at my shoulder.

“Yes…but I will take it positive.”
“How do you mean that?”
“Everytime when I look at it I will be glad that I have it…” I said and smiled.
“I don’t get it!”
I sighed, “I’m glad hat I have it because it is something special.”
“Why is it special? Can’t you just say why and don’t use 30 sentences?!”
“Idiot…this scarf shows me that I protected someone who I like…”

‘Or love…’

Miki got quiet again.
I wonder what she was thinking…

“I think…I know what you meant by the sentence…” she said quiet.
“Your behaviour changed so much last month…you are caring about me more and more…”
“Got that right…yes…Because you were the one who cared about me all the years…and I was so stupid and didn’t saw it…” I said and got an idea.

“Taaan? Could you do me a favour?”
“Hm? What favour?”

I grinned.


“Eh??? What are you doing aya?!”
“Hold still!” I said and covered Miki with more sand.
“You are so stupid! I warn you! When you leave me alone like this I will kill you!” she screamed.

“Yah yah…”


“Finished~” I said cheerful.
“Fine you had your fun now get me out again!”
“No.” I said and crossed my arms on the place where Miki had her chest under the sand.

“W-what is this going to be?” she asked nervous.

I shushed her, “Be quiet…”
She was irritated.
“Close your Eyes and listen…listen carefully…”

Miki closed her eyes.

“You know…something changed…I changed so much because I fell in love with someone…”
Miki opened her eyes, “Wha—“

“Damn listen! Close your eyes I’m not finished yet!”

Miki hesitated but closed her eyes again.

“I fell in love with someone…And I truly love this person…We are hanging out every second…even if we had a quarrel…And I want to be there for the Person…”


“Miki…” I whispered and gave her a soft kiss onto her lips, “I love you.”

She carefully opened her eyes and was just staring at nothing.

Do you know why I covered her with sand? I don’t know how she would react…So if she might react with hitting me she has no chance…

“Aya…? Could you come nearer for a sec?” Miki whispered.
I hisitated and leaned forward.

Suddenly she pushed herself out of the sand and wrapped her arms around me, slamming me against the sand and kissing me with such much power.
This kiss was filling my heart with love…

“I love, love you, love you, love you!!” she repeated and kissed me thousand times.
“Is that true?!” I asked.
She rubbed her cheek against mine, “Yes!” she whispered into my ear.

I hugged her tight.
“Wa-wait! You are crying?” I asked and looked into her face.
Miki sniffed but smiled, “Uhum…I didn’t know that you would feel something for me after our futarigoto episode…I was too scared to ask…Your answer was clear enough for me at that time…”
“Miki…” I said and went my thumbs over her cheeks.
“Ayaya you are still irritating me~” Miki laughed and hugged me.
“You are irritating me as well!~” I laughed.

Is this the reality? Or a dream?
For me it’s reality!
Finally I said that I love her. And I didn’t expect her reaction at all…
I’m the happiest Aya on the world.

Miki and I were going back to the hotel.
We both have to sit down and talk about many things now.

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