Chapter 23

It had stopped snowing.
But still it was freezing cold.
I looked around but there was no sight of Fujimoto.
“Damn…” I sighed, let my hands slip into my pockets and looked down.
There were big prints pulped into the snow. Footprints!
With my hands still in my pockets I followed them.
I knew that he would get mad… But now was the right time to tell them. I don’t regret anything.
It’s needed to be said, right?
The scenery I’m going through is familiar to me.
Again I remember more memories.
I was walking to this little channel in the center of Takikawa.
The last time I was there I wondered what Miki means to me. I began to realize that she was more than just a good friend for me…
I looked up to the bridge that leads to the other side of the channel.
Slowly I walked up to it and stopped.
A fresh gust of wind hit my body.

“Why are you here?” Mr. Fujimoto asked quietly without turning back.
He had his arms rested on the rail and was looking down.
I took a step closer and did the same. I only looked straight.
“Because I want to talk to you.”
No response.
“Miki and I…we like each other really well. In fact we are more than just good friends.”
“That’s impossible. You can’t be more. Two girls can-“
“Mr. Fujimoto stop acting like someone of 1600 or something like that.” I said firm.
Inside I was filled with anger but that would be the wrong way to talk with him.
“Have you listened to a single word Miki said?” I asked looking at him.
He gave me a light nod.
“Those words she said were coming from the bottom of her heart. That’s how she feels. And this whole situation wasn’t hard only for Miki. It was hard for me too. When she came back from here she changed completely. She always kept saying that it was ok. That she was ok. But she wasn’t. Do you know how I found out about what was going on? It was th-“

“Why are you telling me all this?” he interrupted.
I sighed.
“Listen. Please. Because you don’t see how messed up this is. How she feels. What she went through.”
He shut up.
“…I found out through a magazine. A world collapsed for me. The woman I love the most on earth betrayed me? I wanted answers so I went to her apartment. And hell yeah what I saw there was making me sad and angry. Mr. Fujimoto how would you feel when you would find out that you’re wife is dating someone else?”
“She would never do that!” he shouted and turned towards me.
“You would react angry right? You’re world would collapse too? You wouldn’t see any point in life.” I answered for him, “And I felt like that in that moment. Miki started explaining everything to me while she was crying badly. Now ask me again, why am I teling you all this?”


“Because I love her. And she loves me. How could you make your daughter so sad and scared? Don’t you love her? Why can’t you respect the way she wants to life her life. She knows what she is doing. And she loves every bit of her life. I know. She tells me. I see it. If she would have been unhappy she would changed it directly! Miki is strong.”

I wonder if all that made sense to him.

“She’s right.”

Quickly I turned around and Fujimoto did as well.
“Miki?” he asked irritated.

She smiled and snuggled up to me.
“Every word she said is true, dad. You did hurt me. I felt so sad and angry because you don’t trust me. Aya is there beside me almost every day. I don’t blame you because you aren’t, but she notices everything, even if it is little, about me. If I would live at home you would see how I well I can handle my life. I know you care about me. But you went too far…”

Mr. Fujimoto looked at her. Was he going to cry?!
“I’m sorry Miki…You’re right…I should have trusted you. I never wanted to hurt you. You’re my everything…” Fujimoto said sadly.
“Apologize to Aya as well…you have hurted her too. And she means everything to me. I love her so much and it’s pain to see her hurt too.” Miki said and looked up to me.

I gave Miki a small smile and put my arm around her, giving her a hug.

“I see what she sees in you Matsuura san… Have I ever seen Miki so happy? I think not…She has a look in her eyes and somehow that calms me down.” he says looking at us, “But Matsuura san. If you won’t…Miki? Could you please cover your ears?”
She looked confused but did so.

“…If you won’t treat her well I will search you up and beat your damn ass up!!!” He shouted at me.
My eyes popped out in surprise and I shifted uncomfortable.
He began laughing.
“Just joking. Please take good care of her.”
“I will.”

I will…for the rest of my life.

“Well then…I will go and calm your mother down.” He said to Miki.

I laughed and took her hands down. They were still covering her ears.
Mr. Fujimoto and I shared a big laughing at her.

“Have I missed something?” she asked confused.


Miki and I sat down on the stones that were under the bridge.
I held her close to me.
“Did it really happen? We’ve told them.”
“We did. Somehow it’s a really strange feeling…I never had done something like that before…you know…um…like introducing my boyfriends to them.”
“Me either…so what do you think? Will this be all over now?” I asked.
“As long as you don’t want to marry me.” She laughed with a smile.
“Uhm…actually…this was the next thing I wanted to ask.”
Miki looked at me with wide opened eyes, “You what?”
I looked at her dead serious but dropped it the next second.
“Just joking!” I laughed and kissed her cheek.
She giggled along.

No I actually wasn’t joking when I said that… But there’s no way we can do it.
I still got the feeling that Mr. Fujimoto didn’t quite get the fact that we’re together…
More than friends… I think this needs another talk with him. But not now and not this weekend. I’m glad that we’ve talked about how mIki feels and so on.
I’m thinking too much! Maybe he got it? And I’m just still worried?
Uhm…I will talk to him once more…just to be sure.

“But actually…” she trailed off.
Now I looked at her with wide opened eyes, “Uhm? Miki…you know something like that is quite impossible here in Japan.”
“I know…it’s a shame somehow. And it means that we have to quit our jobs or we get fired…”
“And I don’t actually know if I can carry you over the doorsill!”
“What the?! Sure you can!” she shouted at me.
“Hey…” I pinched her cheek softly, “Sure I can, and I’m just joking.”
“Hmpf!” she turned around.
“And you know what…?” I whispered, brushed her hair besides and kissed her neck.
“Mhhmm…?” she mumbled.
“We will share a hot night after I carried you over the doorsill and then to our bed.”

“…I like the idea.” She whispered with a sexy tone in her voice.


The next morning the Fujimoto’s drove us to the airport.
“Aya? Are you coming? I want to check in.” Miki said.
“Yah…Give me 1 minute please.” I replied with a smile.
I turned around and looked up.
“Uhm Fujimoto san?”
“Yes Aya chan?”
“I just wanted to ask if you have understood the kind of relationship Miki and I have. Well like you know doing things…we are a couple so…you know-“
“Aya chan I don’t need any private details please…It’s still hard to believe the situation but I trust in you. I want that my Miki chan is happy. And when you are the person that makes her happy its fine by me. I give you both my blessings if it’s that what’s bothering you. You are part of our family matsuura san. Well you always have been kind of! So please take care you too. And I hope you visit us more often. But please…no private things in our home ok?”

I blushed. If he would know what we’ve already done…I’m so dead!!!

“T-thank you very much Fujimoto san!!!” I smiled.
He smiled as well and said good bye to me.
On my way to the information desk I said good bye to Mrs. Fujimoto as well.
“Aya! Hurry up!” Miki shouted at me.

I smiled at her and was happy.
And now let’s go back to Tokyo with new energy!

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