Chapter 17

I think that I’ve spend the nicest Christmas in years. Everything was perfect.

And I also got another big surprise fore Miki, which she doesn’t know yet…

I booked a Hotel room in a traditional Japanese Hotel in Aomori for New Year. It was expensive, but nothing is more important for me to have a nice start into the New Year.

I wonder how Miki would react…

She just woke up besides me.

“31st until1st January, you and me in Aomori. Everything is booked already.” I said cheerfully and waited until Miki reacted.

Miki rubbed her eyes and looked sleepy at me ”Hmmm….what?” she took a break, making a groan sounds while she stretched herself. Suddenly her eyes opened fast.

“What?! Aomori?!”

I nodded and smiled “Yup. Excited?”

“G-Good joke Aya!” Miki giggled and turned around again.

“It’s no joke.”

“Aw…come on Aya…” she faced me and patted on my cheek.

“It –is –no –joke –my –dear.” I repeated slowly and more believable.

She looked like her eyes were going to “pop” out of her head “Oh…?”

Miki blinked a few times

“YES!! Oh YES!” she suddenly screamed, hugged and kissed me to death.

“Slow down, slow down!” I laughed and gently pulled her back again.

“Aya…it’s really no joke?”


She looked happy to me.

“Oh…wait; do we have no show on the 31st?”

“Nope. Don’t know why, but when I beg Tsunku for days off, I’m lucky. This year we had pretty much days off haven’t we?”

“Yeah…somehow you are right! Hey well…isn’t that bad huh? We spend much time together in those days.” Miki smiled and snuggled up to me.

“Uhn…”I replied with a wide grin.


I had still much work to do the days before 31st of December.

Interviews, recording my New Year message, talking about plans for the beginning of 2007, some ideas for new commercials and much more.

It was a lot but I worked hard. It was sad that Miki and I weren’t able to fly to Aomori together.

So we had to meet us there. She managed to check in one day earlier.

When I arrived at the big traditional Hotel I was really amazed. A really old but somehow modern Hotel. The room that I booked was 100 meters away from the main building in a little forest. The atmosphere was really relaxing. The whole hotel was split in 8 parts. I booked the quietest and most remote Apartment like Room. (LOL sorry hard to describe my thoughts here^^’’Well I think you need a lot of fantasy xD)

I pushed the door to the right side, stepped in and took my shoes off.

“Miki? I’m here now.” I said and looked around. “Hm…nice.”

“Hey~” Miki greeted me.

I smiled, “Your ok?” I asked, bend down and gave her short kiss on her lips, like a husband would give it his wife when he heads of for work or coming back.

“Yeah, had a god fly? Nice here Aya, isn’t it?”

“Uh yeah…fight was boring without you…and it is really nice here. I’m pretty good in finding good places to stay huh?”

Miki giggled.

I put down my bag and sat besides Miki.

“So Miki…what do you want to do?”

She took a deep breath:

“Taking a nice bath in the hot springs, sitting here in yukatas, order some food and yeah …just being with you…”

I was quite surprised “So nothing big?”

“No…like I said some relaxing time with you.”

Well…Miki is an indoor type…

And actually it feels good to be with her, alone. Nobody around us, watching us or anything else.

“No Problem with me. We still got tomorrow for a little walk or so, right?”

Miki nodded and smiled like a little kid.

“So…ready for a little bath hmmm?” I asked.

“Oh yes~ I need it really badly right now!”

We both nodded and went to the hot springs.

We took our clothes off and washed ourselves and then slowly climbed into the hot water.

“Ahh…” Miki sighed, “So good….”

I closed my eyes, letting the water calm down my senses.

“Miki…can I ask you something?”

“Sure…” she replied and closed her eyes.

“Have you…had you ever slept with someone?” I asked shyly. We never talked about sex or things like that. I don’t even know why I asked…

“No…” she replied calm, “What about you...”

“Not directly…” I sighed, “It was so stupid…we were drunk, got undressed and then I realised what I was doing. Before he could enter me I pushed him away, got dressed again and left…He wasn’t even my boyfriend. Stupid huh?”

Miki laughed quiet, “Yeah…but you did the right thing…I think…”

I laughed, opened my eyes and looked to my right. She was relaxed and still had her eyes closed.

“I think…when you do it with someone it should be special and with one who you love…right?”

“It should…shouldn’t it?” Miki whispered and looked at me with a smile.

I smiled back, put my arm around her neck and gave her a kiss on her cheek.

Miki laid her head on my shoulder.

“So…we are both virgins…”

“Yeah…but its ok isn’t it?” she asked.

I thought about it…

“It is, isn’t it….? Aya…?”


“Eh?” Miki looked at me. I blushed and looked away.

“Well…uh…d-doesn’t matter.” I cut off.

Miki stared irritated at me.

“What?” I asked.

“N-nothing…” she said and still stared, “Well…there is! What do you think Aya-chan?”

“I just…think…you know…you and…me…Stop! Stop! Doesn’t matter forget it!” I laughed weakly.

Miki stood up suddenly.

“W-where ya going?! I asked.

“Back…to our room!” She shouted back.

What was wrong with her?? “Are you ok?!” I shouted.

“Uhhh!!” Miki threw her arms into the air and disappeared.

I stood up as well and followed her. Her things were gone. Quickly I got dressed too and ran to our


“Miki? What’s wrong?” I asked as I saw her sitting on the floor.

“Why can’t you never get straight to a point?!”

“How do you mean that?”

I asked and sat beside her.

She lowered her head and looked onto the floor, “Say what you want…don’t babble some stuff that is

rubbish…Damn…Come on! Say what you feel! Tell me what you want, what you want to say to me!”

I thought about it…

“I- I…” I began, “I would like to go a level up…o-only if you want as well…”

“You think…this is a game?” She gave me her death glare.


“Well that is what you said right now…”

“DAMN MIKI!!! Ok, I want Sex with you! Want to feel you in other ways then before!” I began

to shout, “But…I’m scared…I don’t know what you want…and if you even want to…” I said shyly.

“That wasn’t that hard was it?” Miki smiled and stroked my cheek.

I nodded irritated.

Does she want to or not…?

“You know…we going to miss the fireworks and all that…” she said with a naughty voice as she

unbuttoned my shirt.

My heart was bouncing faster. This is what I wanted, and it looks like she wanted it too.

I put down all of my guards and wanted to have fun.

“I don’t care!” I said and kissed her neck.

Bring it on!


“Our first time Aya-chan.” Miki whispered and threw my shirt away.

“Yeah…” I replied kneeling on my knees and made Miki sat on my lap.

My hands slipped underneath her shirt and took it of her.

“Hmm no bra…” I grinned.

Miki giggled.

I kissed her deeply and ran my nails gently up her stomach.

Her body was trembling.

She stretched her neck and I used the chance and began to kiss her neck.

Mikitty ran her hands down and played with my bra and opened it with a little tug.

Suddenly she pushed me down onto the futon and gave me lots of deep kisses.

“You know exactly how to turn me on…” I told her.

“I know.” She replied and raised her eyebrows in a flirty way.

My head was spinning and shouting for more. Actually I never thought of the fact sleeping with a girl

someday. Miki changed everything in me. From colleagues to friends and from friends to lovers.

She loved me for years and didn’t give it up until my statement on our Futarigoto. Her heart must

have been aching after I went out with some boys over the years. And so I felt too after I had fallen for her and she was dating this mountain gorilla.

“I love you.” I whispered and swapped positions with her.

We got out of our last sheet of clothes.

Slowly I made my way down to her breasts. I touched and kissed them softly.

Miki began to sigh lightly.

One thing led to another and soon the most intimate part was there.

“Tell me when it hurts yeah? I don’t want to hurt you…I erm…” I stuttered and stopped with my actions, feeling quite embarrassing suddenly.

She slapped my cheek playfully and kissed me, “Yeah, yeah, keep going.”

I gave her a kiss onto her forehead and continued.

The air was getting hotter with any minute.

Miki began to groan louder. Pearls of sweat were running down on our overheated bodies.

Minutes were passing by. She began to moan my name.

Bangs and Booms were hearing outside.

A loud scream filled with high pleasure exploded the room. Its echo was repeating in my ears.

“Happy n-new…year…” I gasped and slowly and carefully collapsed on Miki.

I buried my face on her shoulder.

My lungs were burning and I tried hard to breathe some air.

Miki’s heart was pumping hard, so did mine.

Her fingers were tickling my neck, making me tired.

It took some while until we both relaxed.

I cleared my throat, “A-Amazing…”

“Hmmhmmm…well done…”

“Do you feel ok?”

“Definitely…” she whispered with a smile.

I placed a sleepy kiss onto her lips.

“Love you Aya…”

“Love you too.”

She wrapped her arms around my waist and rested her head on my chest.

It didn’t take long until we fell into dreamland…..


  1. my heart ache reading all these ayamiki fic when it just those memories left behind. they never happen...i just know about aya 3 days ago but she no longer exist in japanese entertainment world.
    oh my..i 5 years behind

  2. Yeah it's quite sad :/
    There is no activity anymore, everything grew apart and that is also the reason why this story doesn't continue.
    Check out the old things, they are worth it ;)
    Thanks for reading by the way :)!