Chapter 7

It was Monday morning.
I was on my way to the hairdresser.
Aya needs a new haircut, right? Well but this time something new!

“Mooorning!” I greeted my hairdresser.
“Ayaya! Good morning. Time for a new haircut? Or Hair colour?”
“Actually both.” I laughed.
“Ok, ok. Please take a seat.”

I seated on the chair.
“So…how should it be like?” He asked me nervous.
I grinned.
Takano collapsed.
“What’s wrong?!” I screamed.
“N-nothing! It’s just…are you sure?”
“Yes! I thought about it a long time ago!” I answered.
Takano nodded and began his work.

I was reading some papers.


“Aya? Is this ok?” Takano asked.
I looked into the mirror and smiled, “Great! That’s exactly how I wanted it!”
Takano sighed in relief, “And now brown colour?”
I nodded and took a look into my date book.
Ah right. Today Miki and I got the Photo shooting for Melodies.
Melodies…kiss…that was…so…AWESOME!!!
Haha even when I thought it would be terrible…
And when I think of Hokkaido… My mind often went totally blank and I tried to kiss her… funny…
But it was her who kissed me yesterday. Wait! It was only a kiss on the cheek. Nothing special? A friends kiss? Like in other countries? I often hear that.

“Aya I will wash the colour out now.” Takano interrupt my thinking and leaned my head back.

Where was I? Oh yes…Mikitty. But what did Hiro wanted to talk about with her?
She didn’t tell me. Hey! She said it’s ok… Recently…I thought about Miki’s question in our Futarigoto episode… Would I loose her friendship when I would get married? Do I even want to get married if I had the chance? I often dream of it… What would happen if I would ask Miki? I mean…I never asked her about her mind of marriage. So…maybe I should—


I opened my eyes and looked into the mirror.

“WHAAAAAT?!!!!!” I screamed and touched my hair, “They are RED???!!!!”
“I grabbed the wrong colour!! I’m so sorry!” Takano explained.
“What am I going to do right now?! I’ve got a photo shooting in two hours!”
“I think I can fix that again! I will just re colour them ok?”
“Do that!!!” I screamed back.

Gosh…Oh please…don’t let my week start so stupid again…


“Fixed…I’m so sorry…” Takano kept talking and talking.
“It’s ok! Well thanks. Here.” I gave him money and left the saloon to get as fast as I could to the studio.

I was lucky.

“Miki!” I shouted and ran thru the corridor.
“Aya, you are a bit la—“ Miki took a pause and stared at me.
She’s blushing?
“Eh yes sorry. You know…I was at the hair dresser…Takano made a mistake with my hair colour…sorry. But hey how do I look?”
Miki shook her head, “G-great!” she stuttered.
I smiled. “Have you started already?”
“My solo pictures are finished. We can take the pictures of us two now.” Miki explained.

We walked into the studio. Really nice set. Kind of ‘picnic’ set, well…just with benches and tables.

I greeted the staff members and the photo shooting began.

Everytime when my eye caught Miki, she blushed and quickly looked away. She was staring at me the most time of our shooting.
My new haircut must be really cool?

“So we take the Solo picture of Aya now and then we are finished.” The photographer said.
I nodded and looked over to Miki. She was already leaving?


I went into my dressing room after I was finished.
No Miki. Where did she go? I looked around; maybe she left a little note?
No note. Quickly I opened my cell phone and send her a message.

::. Where are you? .::

5 minutes later…her message came.

::. At home, I’m tired. .::

I shook my head. At home?

::.Why didn’t you told me that you would go home? Are you ok? .::

I waited on a bench outside. She didn’t mail back. Her behaviour was strange today. Is it just one of her ‘Don’t have the mood for that’ day or is she angry at me? But if she should be angry…why? I haven’t done anything…or have I?

My thoughts were making me sick worrying, so I decided to visit her.


“Oi! Open the door!” I screamed. I knocked on the door thousands of times.
Finally the door opened, “Oi!! Be quiet! It’s 8:00 p.m!” Miki whispered angry and dragged me inside.
“What’s wrong with you?!” Was my first question.
“I should ask you the same!” she replied cold.
“Nothing is wrong with me! You didn’t open the door! I’m standing out there about ten minutes!”
“I was on the toilet!! Idiot!!” she shouted back.

My jaw dropped, “Is that…so?” I asked quietly.
She nodded and was still angry.
“I-I’m sorry…I didn’t want to be so loud…” I explained totally embarrassed.

“Me either…” She whispered back.
“Say…why did you left so fast?” I asked looking with a worried look.

And again she blushed, “I’m just…not myself today…”
“Because of my haircut?”
She shook her head, “No! You are looking really cute!”
I blushed, “T-thanks…”
She smiled and took my hand.
“Should we go to Tokyo bay?”
I smiled and nodded.


22:00 p.m., Miki and I walking at the Tokyo bay.
The sky was pretty clear. It reminded me on Hokkaido.
No people were around. Only Mikitty and me.

“Tan? One question.” I began.
“Hm? Yeah?”
“Ah…I wanted to ask that before…what did Hiro asked?”
Miki smiled and looked up into the sky, “He said that he loves me.”

I stopped walking, “R-really?” My mind went blank.

“But I refused his love.”

I looked at Miki, “Is that so? I mean…you had the chance to start a new life...?”
Miki began to laugh, “My life is here. I’ve got my work and friends here…” Miki stepped closer and looked into my face with a smiled, “And you.”

“Ahhh is that so?” I scratched my head.
Miki giggled.

“You are c-cute…” What a lame comment…
“Thanks aya.”

“N-no I mean…you really are the nicest girl I’ve ever met…” I took her hands and looked into her eyes.
“T-Thanks.” And again she gave me a kiss on my cheek.

‘Tonight it’s not the right time to tell her…’

“Is that one of your new habits?” I joked.
She giggled, “Maybe.”

We walked and just enjoined the clear sky with the bright stars.
I wonder when I can tell her what I feel…

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