Chapter 12

Well my stay in hospital wasn’t long. I came back at about 3 o clock.
“Miki tan I will go into the shower now…”
Miki looked up and hesitated to say something, “Ehhmmm…”
Ah did she want to join me? Please…please…
She grabbed a book, “I-I will just read erm…this book while you are in the s-shower.” She stuttered.
I gave her a forced smile, while my heart sank very deep…, “Uhum…”

In the bathroom I took off my clothes and went into the shower.
“Hmpf…” I sighed and bumped my head against the wall.
Something was still there…I’m scared of this ‘something’…If only I would know what it is…
The walls of the shower were steamed up. With my finger I wrote 4 words onto them. Sigh. Again I let my head bump against the wall.

A light pressure appeared onto my back, but was gone as far as it came.
I turned around quickly.
“Eh? W-what was…that?”
I looked around.
After I saw nothing in the bathroom I wrapped my towel around my body and ran into the living room.

“Miki? Eh…Were you just in the bathroom?”
Miki looked up from her book and gave me an innocent look, “No…Why?”
“Uhm…no it’s ok…” I said and headed into the bathroom again for getting dressed.
I could swear…someone touched my back…


“Taaaaaaaaan! Hurry up! If we want to reach the hills outside Tokyo we have to hurry!” I shouted and knocked against the bathroom door. She was in there too long now…
Finally the door clicked and opened.
“Sorry…I’m ready. Err…are you o-ok?”

I heard a snap near my ears and came back to reality.
“Y-you l-look really…be..be-beautiful!” I stuttered and kept staring at Miki.
She blushed…………….totally!!! Damn cute!
“Let’s go.” I said and locked my arm with hers.
It didn’t took long until we reached a hill outside of Tokyo to see the firework.
Why I decided to go somewhere outside Tokyo? Easy…from this hill we will have the best view over Tokyo!
“Let’s sit here.” Miki said and pointed at a nice big tree.
I nodded and let the bag drop by side it.
“Can y-you hold me while the firework?” Miki asked suddenly and looked at me with a little ‘nervous’ smile.
I nodded and took her hand. We seated ourselves under the tree. And again…I had Miki in my arms.
“2 minutes until the firework starts…” I whispered.
“It’s nice up here…I think we have a good view.”
I nodded, tapping my chin on her shoulder, “I watched a firework, 2 years ago, right here.”
Miki giggled, “With?”
“Ahh who was it again…I think it was…uhm…Ah! Natsumi and Maki! Oh yes I can remember now.”
“Cool…ah it started!”

Bright lights were twinkling in the clear dark sky.
A boom followed by another bang.
Different shapes, all very nice.
Big and small ones.

It was damn cold but seeing the bright coloured lights, makes me happy.
And to watch this nice moment with the girl that I love, makes me even happier.
Having her in my arms. Feeling every little hair that tickles against my face because of the light wind…Hearing her voice that make my heart bounce.
I enjoy every second that I can spend with her.

I had a look on my watch…the firework will end soon.
“I…think the final will come soon…” Miki said and smiled.

My eyes caught that her cheeks were red. I even was able to see that in the dark.

‘I…can’t hold it back…I have to…have to…’


Finally…I gave her a kiss onto her cheek. I think…this was the best start.

“T-trying to copy my new habit?” She asked shyly.
I laughed quietly, “No…How was it? Miss Fujimoto please teach me.”
Miki began to giggle and turned around, “Quite good but look…”
She returned my kiss, “See…softly and short.”
My mind drove me crazy again…
“Hm…right…so, soft and quick?” I asked.
Miki nodded. I can’t tell it exactly but somehow…she looked at me…like she was waiting…for something?
“Uhmm and how about something like this?...” I asked and leaned closer.
She looked at my lips and then into my eyes with half closed eyes.
Her head came closer as well. My heart start bouncing.

Boom Bodoom Boom Boodoom


Suddenly…the final of the firework began…
I stopped and was still looking at Miki. When she realised the final began her eyes were opened full again and she looked away.
Slowly she returned back to her position before the firework.

I gave a quiet sigh from me and wrapped my arms around her again.
Again…it failed. But…maybe I’m a bit closer.

“Don’t worry…”
“Your kisses are great…” She said smiling.
I smiled as well.

Miki leaned her head against my shoulder, “Ayaya…I wish the time would stop…”
“Mikitty! We have to find the Dragon balls!” I laughed.
She couldn’t stop laughing, it looked cute.
After she managed to get breath again she said, “No! Serious…Nee…Aya chan…could you promise me something?”

“Everything…” I replied.
“Please…stay my friend for ever... I love it to have you close to me.”
“I promise. Then…promise me something too…”
”That I will stay your friend for ever too…” I said.
“Of course!” she replied, “And…I will tell you everything…no secrets anymore…” she added.

“B-by the way…uhm…I have to tell you something…”
I looked at her and when she looked at me I gave her my ‘WHAT…?’ look.
“I was in the bathroom today…”
“D-did you touch my back?”
She nodded guilty.

Shit! Suddenly I remembered…I wrote 4 words at the time…d-did she saw them?!

“Erm…did you saw something…on the shower wall?” I stuttered.
Miki thought a bit, “No? I just wanted to ask…” she blushed, “If I can join you…but then I felt embarrassing and ran out of the bathroom…”

Oh…so…I had the chance to shower with her… DAAAAMN!!!!

“Err…it’s…next time…erm…just ask…”
Miki giggled shyly.

The rest of the night we kept talking about promises.
When it got colder and late, we went back to my apartment and looked some DVD’s, drinking hot chocolate and were cuddling eachother like teddy bears.
All this things were bringing back many memories when we were teenager.
And I realised…we still are like we were a few years ago…

*** *** *** *** ***

[[Zooming into the shower]]
[[Zooming at the shower wall]]
‘Miki I love you’

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