Chapter 22

It was quite early in the morning when I opened my eyes.
Blood gushed up to my head and I pulled the blanket up to hide it.
“How long have you been watching me?!” I mumbled embarrassed into the sheets.
Miki giggled every so cutely that it melted my heart.
She joined me under the blanket and looked at me with a smile, “Does it matter?”
“Since maybe 20 minutes. You look so adorable when you sleep.” Playfully she touched my cheek, “You even drooled a bit.”
“Enough!” I speaked and felt even more embarrassed.
Miki just laughed very loud.
‘Payback time’ I thought.
I began to tickle her. She was naked so it had even more success.
She began screaming, kicking and punching me at the same time.
Oh I so didn’t care I continued. I had my fun.
A devilish grin came to my face.
But as fast as it came it was gone when I felt pain in my lower zone.
Ok so one kick managed to get me.

“Not again!” I rolled over to my side in pain.
Miki who used the chance to recover hasn’t noticed it.
She brushed away the tears from laughing and turned me around.
“Do you have a habit of kicking me there? It’s the third time now!” I winced.
“Huh?” was her confused reply.
I showed her where she kicked me and then I got embarrassed again when I noticed that I was actually naked as well.
The only thing she did was staring. Hey was that a smirk on her face?!
“Mou…I hate you…” I groaned and lay myself on belly.
Miki put her warm hand onto my back, “Sorry.”
I remained ‘pissed off’.
Then she began to kiss it. Slowly. Up and down.
When she reached my neck I tried hard not to shiver.
She kissed her way up my jaw and then to my ear.
I took in a deep breath.
But when she began to breathe into it I couldn’t resist anymore.
I pushed her down and bend over her.

“Gosh you turn me so on.” I whispered and kissed her hungrily.
She pulled me closer and held me tight.

Knock knock.

The door opened slowly.
Miki pushed me away that I fell off the bed.
“Wait! Don’t come in! I’m getting changed!” she shouted.

The head of Miki’s mother popped in “Ups. Sorry dear. Where is Aya?”
“Erm…Bathroom?” Miki stuttered.
“Oh…ok. I just wanted to tell you that I will make breakfast now.”
She excused herself and closed the door.

I lay there on the ground. Nervous and not breathing.
‘What the…?’
Miki came around the bed and pulled me up.
I looked at her and raised an eyebrow, “You are quick in changing!” I said and was quite surprised how quick she managed to get her underwear on in only a few seconds.
“I’m sorry for pushing you! But I really had no other choice! God! Do you think she saw us?!”
Miki looked at me with a scary face.
“I don’t think so. Think we were quite lucky…” I sighed and got dressed.
“Maybe you’re right…” Miki said. But still she wasn’t calm down at all. I wasn’t too.
“I think…we should keep things low when we are here.” I finally said.
“No!” Miki blurted out. And I looked at her in surprise.
She lowered her head, “No…why should we? They must respect our doing…Ok maybe it’s not very good when they see us in quite more private moments like this…But still, we want to tell them that we are together. I want to show them that I am no kid anymore and that I can handle and decide things on my own now.”
I smiled and rested a hand on her hair slowly brushing through it.
“You are right. We can do this.” I said and kissed her head.

The sun was going under and Takikawa was covered by a shade of red.
Miki and I were sitting in the living room, waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Fujimoto coming back from their stroll outside.
Miki said that she wants to talk first to them. I told her that it was going to be ok but I would listen carefully and fight back if something would happen.

The front door opened and two people were stepping in. Here they are.
“Oh, nice to have you downstairs some time.” Mrs. Fujimoto said and we just nodded.
Miki’s father smiled “Well, I will go to the cellar and work on my model ship.”

“Wait!” Miki replied.
Both looked at her in surprise.
“I…we want to talk to you.”
Mr. Fujimoto sat down in his chair und Mrs. Fujimoto sat beside him on the crutch.
“What is it dear?” He said.
Miki took a deep breath.
“Actually…I came here to say something to you. 2 things.”
They nodded.
“I’m not going to marry Shouji. And I will not marry anyone.” She said and waited.
Mr. Fujimoto coughed, “So you decided to break our hearts?”
I gave him an angry look. How dare he?!
I felt a pressure on my knee. It was mIki’s hand. She must have sensed my anger.
“I don’t want to break your hearts, but do you want to break mine for you making me something to do I don’t want to do?”
“Cut it out.” He said and leaned forward, “We talked about that. You are a grown woman. Don’t you too think it’s time to marry and start a family?”
“Yeah, when you think I’m grown why you won’t let me live my life how I want it to be? I don’t need anything more to make it better. I have everything.” She said polite.
“I don’t agree on that. You are in a dream world. You need to wake up.”
“Dream world?!” Miki shouted back, “Do you have any idea of how hard I’ve worked to get everything I needed and wanted?! Maybe I was in a dream world when I was a teenager! But I learned how hard life can be! Have you any idea how hard it was leaving safe home as a child?”
Fujimoto said nothing.
“And now you, my parents, who I thought would support me for being me, are against me?”
“We never said that we won’t support you!” Fujimoto bit back.
“So, why are you doing this? Making me to go out with a man…no boy I don’t love? Wanting me to marry him? HE lives in a dream world dad! YOU live in a dream world too! That is not as easy as you think! You need to discover feelings for this person.”
Miki’s mother looked at her husband.
“Mom, why do you love dad?” Miki then asked.
Mrs. Fujimoto looked puzzled, “Erm…”
“You grew to like him right? Having found someone who cares about you. Never letting you down in bad situations. Loving the way he touches you. Loving it only to sense him near you, right?”
She nodded and blushed a bit.
“And that’s why I can’t do something what’s against my heart and me.” Miki whispered.
“What are you actually trying’ to say?” Fujimoto said still with an angry tone in his voice.

Miki took my hand and squeezed it. I listened so closely and I nearly began to cry by her words. She was speaking of her feelings.
“I can’t marry anyone I don’t love. And I love someone already from the bottom of my heart.”
“You have a boyfriend? Why haven’t you told us?” Mik’s mum asked in disbelief.
Miki shook her head.
“No. But I’m in love with the loveliest person on earth.” She said and smiled shyly.
“Who’s it?” Fujimoto asked.
“She is sitting right beside me.”

Mr. and Mrs. Fujimoto looked at each other totally confused.
“What?” They both asked at the same time.
“I’m the person Miki’s in love with.” I finally said looking dead serious at them.
Fujimoto laughed, “Do we have the 1st of April already?”
I knew he won’t believe it…
“No. We haven’t” I said and was quite surprised that Miki said the same at the same time.
I looked at her. She was looking straight into the eyes of her father.
‘My…she’s so cool…’ I thought for a second but got pulled back into reality when I heard a slam on the table.
“I will not allow that!” he shouted and stood up.
“Where are you going?!” Miki shouted after him.
But back came nothing. He put on his jacket and went outside.

“I will follow him.”
Miki looked up at me, “What?”
“I will follow him. I won’t leave until I got his blessing for us. I promised you and I’m going to hold it. At least I will try.”
Miki took my hand, “I’m coming with you.”
I shook my head, “No, you stay here. Don’t worry I will come back to you.”
I smiled and gave her a wink.
She smiled back and places a kiss onto my lips.
“Be carful. I love you.”
“I love you too.”

I went past Mrs. Fujimoto and she looked at me with wide opened eyes.
When I put on my jacket I could hear her talking to Miki.
But I hadn’t had any time to listen.
I needed to talk to Mr. Fujimoto.

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