Chapter 15

Miki and I were talking about the futarigoto episode until now.
She said that she loved me since we met us, but she was too afraid to tell.
I listened carefully to each word she said.
The futarigoto episode played a huge role in our conversation.

“You know…I tried to make my feelings a bit clearer to you when we had this dinner.”
I nodded, “When I said that we can’t get any closer I saw sadness in your eyes. Even in the funny moments when we laughed and giggled together I saw this sadness.”
She took my hand, “I was sad…at that point I wished that I never started that conversation…”

“But you know…we really can’t get closer…” I began.
Miki gave me a surprised look.
“…when we are working, right?” I smiled and stroked her cheek.
Slowly she closed her eyes and let her head rest on my lap, “Of course we can’t kiss us in public…I know that…” She whispered, “But I still can hug you in public right?”

“Mikitty…” I began to laugh, “If you didn’t realised it, you hug everyone!”
Miki giggled, “Ah…right.”
My fingers began to tickle her behind the ear. She snuggled into me and purred like a cat.
“Like this hmm…?” I whispered and leaned my head back.
“Mrrmm…” she purred back.
A smile appeared on my face.

“But…I love it more like this…” Miki took me by the wrist and laid me next to her.
She blushed a bit when our faces were only a few inches away.
I smiled and wrapped my arms around her.
“You really love cuddling hm?” I laughed quietly.
“Only with you~” she giggled back and rubbed her cheek against mine.
I loved it when she did that. And even more when she was lying in my arms and giving me warm feelings.

Miki came closer but stopped her head, “T-This is funny? On the beach I had the strength to kiss you but now I’m nervous.”
My face went red, “I-I’m nervous t-t-t-too.” I stuttered.
And this was really embarrassing for both of us.
But somehow…I feel like I’ve got the man role in our relationship. Well… but it feels great!
So I took all my strength together and gave her a little but lovely kiss on her lips.

She began to giggle again and snuggled into me.

“You are a funny girl mikitty~ I love you.”
“I wouldn’t say it if it wouldn’t be true silly you~”
Miki’s heartbeat relaxed, “It feels so good…to know that you love me ayaya…”
I closed my eyes and let my heart melt by her words.


“Gosh Maki don’t scream so loud thru the phone!” I shouted back.
Maki giggled, “Sorry~ and are you two ok?”
“Yep we are fine~ Nice weather and I don’t have to work today because it’s the last day of our trip~ How about you?”
“Ok…you started with the weather so I do it as well…It’s raining so much! Damn! You two are lucky!!! And I’m fine~” Maki’s voice was first angry but then happy.
“Ahh~ Well It’s nice that you are doing well!~” I took a look over Miki.
She gave me a glare that was filled with jealousness.
My body froze.

“Huh? yeah yeah?”
“How is Miki?”
“She is doing really well. I can see that she relaxed more since yesterday.” I said and gave Miki a wink.
She blushed a bit.
“That’s really good! And now to the main reason why I call…”
‘Oh great…’

“What is it?”
“Yaah actually it’s good...I think.”
“Damn maki then say it!” I screamed.

“Ok…I’ve heard that you and Miki will have a 3rd single.”
Oh!!! My heart was bouncing.
“C-could you repeat that please?” I asked and switched on the free speaker.

“You maybe will have a 3rd single. Wasn’t that clear enough?”

Miki jumped up from the bed and ran in circles.
I smiled. This was too good to be real!

“M-Maki? I will call you back ok?” I asked.
“Eh?...Moo! Ok…take care you two. See you…ah! Tomorrow!”

I hung up and found Miki directly in my arms.
“Yaaaaaay~” She laughed.
“This is awesome! More time we can spend together!”
Miki nodded happily.


“Hmm…so what should we do on our last day in Hawaii?”
Miki thought a bit, but then shrugged with her shoulders, “Don’t know.”
This girl always let me end up with thinking!
“I think…you just want to stay here hm?”
Miki gave me a smile, “Only if you want to stay here too.”
“Indoor type you~” I laughed.

Miki stuck out her tongue and slammed her hand against her butt.
Naughty thoughts came to my head but I tried to hold them back.
I don’t want to shock Miki if I would do what I was thinking.

There was a short silence between us.

“Ah come let’s walk around a bit hm?” Miki finally said something.
I agreed and we went out.

There was a nice spot far away from the town we were staying.
We ended up walking, or better playing around.
Hugging each other, running around, trying to catch ourselves. We played like little kids.
It was fun.

The best thing, we were alone.
“Ohaaaa Mikitty look here!” I screamed with a high tone.
She quickly looked over to me, “Wha—“

“Nothing~” I whispered after I finished my kiss.
She began to giggle and wrapped her arms around my neck.
We collapsed both onto the sand and began to kiss us longer.
It felt great.

Snap Snap

I opened my eyes slowly, seeing that Miki still had her eyes closed.
Carefully I stopped, “Did you hear that?”
“…Just thought…I heard something?”
She stroked my cheek and smiled, “Maybe just a bird.”
I smiled back and nodded. Again we continued kissing.

Snap Snap Snap Snap.

“Eh?” I whispered and looked around.
“This time I heard it too.” Miki said looking around aswell.
Somehow…I had this nervous and bad feeling in my stomach.
I stood up and checked the area a bit, but saw nothing.
“Maybe…it really was just a bird?” I asked.
“Could be…?”

Then there was another noise. We both saw a shadow that disappeared behind the trees.
I took Miki’s hand, “Come let’s go. I don’t like this here…”
Miki nodded and we headed back.

I couldn’t sleep that night.
This was all so mysterious. But when I looked in Miki’s face when she was sleeping I calmed down. Still…this feeling in my stomach was still…there.

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