Chapter 21

The strong cold made my body freeze like hell.
Snow was covering me so fast that I nearly looked like a Snowman…
If I have to stay another minute like that I will die.

“Miki…we are standing here for 30 minutes now…it’s freezing cold here and it only needs a press on the doorbell to get in…” I said grumpy pointing at the house of Miki’s parents.
Miki bit on her lower lip, took my hand and squeezed it. That made me wince out in pain.
I glared at her. She gave me her puppy look.
I took a deep breath and sighed. A heavy steam cloud came out of my mouth.
“I can do it.” She finally said.
“You’re not alone. I’m right here.” I comforted her.

Miki suddenly rushed to the door, dragging me behind her.
She put up her ‘everything is alright’ face and pressed the doorbell.
The door opened and Mrs. Fujimoto was standing there.
“Miki-chan?” she asked surprised.
Then she looked at me, “And Aya-chan too!”
I know the question ‘what are you doing here?!’ was burning on her tongue but the lady brushed it off and said we should come in.
Miki and I stepped in. The floor was now covered with snow which immediately melt down.
“Gosh you two are totally wet! Miki you could at least have called that you will visit us!” Mrs. Fujimoto said quite angry to Miki but then smiled, “Go get yourself changed and come downstairs again. I already cooked and I will warm it up for you two. Do you need towels?”
Miki was quite lost in her head so I answered that we will be fine.
I took Miki at her wrist and she followed me upstairs.
When we entered Miki’s childhood room there was a little silence between us.
I sighed and let our bags fall onto the ground.
“I can’t believe we are here…” Miki said and sat down on her bed.
“Don’t worry it will be fine.” I kissed Miki’s forehead. She closed her eyes and nodded.
“We have the whole weekend to tell them. Just relax for a bit. We can do this.”

Suddenly she took my hand and pulled me towards her. It all happened quite fast.
Her eyes were looking at mine.
Slowly she came nearer to my face but stopped. She had one eye suddenly. It looked quite funny!
Strains of hair were tickling against my skin and I sensed her warm breath against my lips.
“I missed you.” She whispered and kissed me.
My body began to shiver and I wrapped my arms around her neck.
It was a kiss we haven’t had a long time. Full of love.
After this kiss we just lay there saying nothing just looking into our eyes.
I kissed her one more time and after it she rested her head on my shoulder.
“I think we should go back downstairs, Aya.” She said.
Actually I would have loved to stay liked that for the rest of the day…but Mrs. Fujimoto warmed us up some dinner. And it was waiting for us.

We went down and entered the living room.
Miki’s father greeted us with a big smile, “Nice to have you two here. But you could at least have called Miki.”
“Yeah…uhm…somehow I thought I told you already.” Was the kind of weak reply of Miki.
We seated ourselves at the table and began to eat the meal that was standing on it.
Everything was quiet.
The situation somehow scared me now too…
Something is just not right...but I can’t tell what it is…
Miki and I were sitting in cave of the lion. Maybe that was the reason we felt so uncomfortable.
It took quite a lot not to burst into anger and let all my feelings out I had created over the last days.
I want to shout at them for forcing Miki to marry.
But I was here to get their blessing for us both…so it wouldn’t be the best to start a fight with them…Sooner or later it will happen this weekend anyway… But then if it will come to a fight I will tell them what I think about them!
I actually like Miki’s parents. Very much. But forcing Miki into something she doesn’t want isn’t nice at all. And they need to know that. Maybe not today but tomorrow.

“Say Miki…” Mr. Fujimoto started.
I sensed something. It was like a shiver through my whole body.
Miki must have sensed it too because she grabbed my hand.
“…how are things going with S-“

“Ohh! Miki! Damn! I lost my watch on the way here!!” I blurted out before he could finish his sentence.
I know it was lame. It just happened.
Miki realized that I was trying to act and joined me.
“Oh no! It was a present of your cousin! We have to find it!”
Lame. Really lame Miki. She played worse than I did.
Mr. Fujimoto looked really confused but told us that we should search for it.
We excused us and went outside.

“Cousin?! I don’t even have one! How about grandma or mother?!” I said angry.
“Watch?! You didn’t even took one with you! How about your wallet or cell phone?!” she replied throwing her arms up to the air.
“Oh cut it out already!”
“You started it!”
“Only to get your butt safe out of there!”
“Thanks but I could have managed that in another way!”
We argued and argued and haven’t realized how far we went.
I stopped and looked in front of, “Hey…look.”
Miki made a pissed off noise and followed my look.
“Oh…” she replied her voice getting quieter.

We were standing on the hill where we were the last time when we were her.
At that time it was full of bright flowers. And now it’s covered by snow giving a wonderful view of the landscape.
Suddenly something hit me on my shoulder.
“YIKES!!!” I screamed. It was damn cold!
Miki giggled forming something in her hand.
She threw a snowball at me!
“Whoa…you so gonna pay for that…” I grinned.
“Yah?” she laughed.

And so our snowball fight began.
First it looked good for Miki but then good for me.
We were playing and fighting like little kids. It made really fun!

“Uhhh watch out my dear!” I screamed and ran towards her, “ATTAAACK!!” I shouted and tackled her.
“Whoaaa!” Miki managed to scream while we fell to ground.
We were rolling down the hill, fighting and laughing.
When we stopped I was on top of her still laughing.
She laughed along and slapped my cheek carefully, “I hate you.”
I grinned and poked her nose with mine.
“I’m sorry about shouting at you.” I apologized.
Miki waved with her hand, “No I need to be sorry. You just wanted to help me.”
“Then we’re both sorry. Quit?” I asked smiling down at her.
“Quit.” She smiled back and pulled me towards her again.
We kissed us again.
I wanted to feel her in a special way again.
She might have read my thought.
“It’s getting dark. Maybe we should go back and spend some nice time together a little bit longer?”
I grinned at her and she replied with a naughty laugh.

And so we did what we both wanted so desperately.
The room was filled with heat that could melt away the whole snow on Hokkaido.
Miki took a deep breath, “To answer your question of yesterday: Yes you are really good in bed.”
I managed a laugh and turned to face her.
“But you know” she added and stroked my cheek, “It’s not only about skills or something like that. I feel good every time you touch me. To feel you in other ways makes me shiver. I love to share moments like this with you together.”
I smiled and kissed her, “You’re so sweet.”
“I know” she replied cute and blushed.

I took her in my arms and she snuggled herself into me.
We both drifted off to dreamland after a while.

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