Chapter 16

 few sun strains were shining thru the curtains.
I was lying on my belly, still sleeping lightly. After a while I sensed my Miki shifting nearer. When I felt that her hand came under my shirt, stroking my back softly, I turned my head to the right side.
A soft “Good Morning.” Came to my ears.
I smiled and opened my eyes.

My eyes coughed her only a few inches away from me. She looked cute with messy hair and a sleepy face. Slowly she climbed on top of me.
“Morning.” I replied soft and smiled.
Miki stretched her arms, making a “Mhh….”sound.
“Slept well?” I asked.
“Yep.” She answered playing with my hair.
She bends down and kissed me. I returned her kiss softly.

Somehow things changed. Our behaviour was different.
We touch us in other ways than before.
Sometimes, my head was telling me things that frightened me.
This feeling inside me…that says that I should do more…
The way she is playing with me is turning me on. I gently swap places with her and wanted to kiss her more.
Just when I did…the telephone rang…
Miki blushed and covered herself with the blanket.
Talk of bad timing…
I sighed and answered the phone…

“Good Morning Matsuura san, I just wanted to say that your Taxi to the airport arrived.”
“We will wait for you.”

The reception hung up the phone.
I scratched my head and looked over to Miki.
“F-for what?” she quickly replied.
My head went red.
She smiled, “Taxi arrived?”
I nodded. Well…at least the whole trip to Hawaii was very relaxing and good.


Sweet Home…Sweet Home.

Over the whole flight my mind was on Miki.
My eyes took a peep over to the girl who was sitting on the sofa, watching some TV Programs.
I walked quietly to the window, not trying to disturb Miki from watching TV.
The sky was clear outside and the bright lights of the town were reflecting against the window.

“You are so quiet aya…is everything alright?”
A pair of arms appeared around my waist and a little Miki looked into my eyes.

“Do you not want to watch your TV program to the end…?” I whispered.
She smiled and rested her head on my chest, “Nah…”
“Hmm anyway…Mikitty erm…you know…Christmas is soon…” I sighed and tipped my chin on the top of her head.
“Uhm…I would love to spend the night with you…”
My heartbeat went faster. Christmas Eve with Miki? Oh yeah!

“Of course! Err I mean…I would like to spend it with you too…if you erm…want to?”
Miki smiled, “Good. You know…Christmas with the other girls...is boring.”
I pinched her cheek and giggled. Miki stared at me and said nothing.

‘You have so beautiful eyes…’

“I love you.” She whispered and hugged me tight.
I returned her hug, “I love you as well…”


One day before Christmas…and I…have still…NO present for Miki!!!
It’s hard to find something for her…I’m not so lucky…
I’m walking around in Ginza since 10.00am in the morning. There must be something!!
Something special…

“Can I help you madam?” a friendly and young shopkeeper asked me.
“Erm…I’m looking for a present for my girlfr…errr bo-boyfriend!” I stuttered.
“We have some Rings for men over there. Do you want to have a look?”
“Er did I say b-boyfriend?! Sorry I’m quite confused because I didn’t buy a present for my best friend.” I quickly shot back.
The shopkeeper looked irritated but smiled like she had the right thing. And yes! She had it!

My heart was bouncing fast when I heard the doorbell rang.
Quickly I jumped to the door and opened it. My jaw dropped to the ground.

“Hey.” Miki giggled.
“H-hi!” I stuttered back, “You look damn beautiful!”
She was wearing a nice red glittery dress that ended at her knees.
Miki blushed and came into my apartment. My legs were shaking a bit.

‘What now?!’

Like she could read minds she came closer and hugged me.
She smelled really nice…”How are you?” she asked me and looked up.
“F-fine and you?” I asked back.
“Fine as well~”
“So, I panned everything…do you want to hear my little list for tonight?” I asked and watched Miki while she sat onto the couch.
“Sure.” She smiled and crossed her legs.

“Ok. 1st of all I’d made a Christmas cake, a strawberry cake. I’d like to eat it with you. 2nd, we can exchange our presents and chill out a bit. 3rd, I will take you to a date. We can walk in the streets and parks of Tokyo a bit. Might be romantic?” I paused and blushed.
Miki giggled, “Good ideas. And…what do we do after our little walk?”
Suddenly she had a smirk on her face.
I scratched my head, “Er…well yeah. I haven’t thought about that yet…ha…ha…ha”

“Yah, so first the cake hm?”
I nodded, “I will go and get it, wait a sec.” I headed into the kitchen.


There we were. Sitting on the floor and eating my yummy Christmas strawberry cake.
“It’s delicious!”
“Glad you like it! Ah Miki…say Aaaaaaaaa~” I took the strawberry of my cake and held it between my thumb and index finger.
Miki began to giggle while she chewed the strawberry.
“Uhm. Now you~” she laughed and fed me with a strawberry as well.
I grinned. Her childish giggling made me happy. She was so cute.
“Hey…” she put her index finger under my chin and moved my head nearer to hers.

We kissed us. Her lips tasted like strawberries. And to be honest…the kiss was better than the cake…
“Hey Miki…let’s exchange our presents yeah?” I whispered.
She nodded and smiled.

“Merry Christmas Miki~” I said cheerful and gave her a little package.
“Oh~!!” Miki looked surprised and happy when she saw the golden Ring.
“I love you.” I whispered and kissed her on to the cheek.
“I love you too…and I think you will be surprised now…” she said and gave me her present.
It was wrapped into the same paper like mine.
I opened it and yes! I was surprised!
“T-The same ring?” I laughed, “Now we have something matching again hm?” I smiled.
“Yeah, I had to think about you when I saw it…” she said and blushed.
I giggled.
“A-Aya could you put it on my finger?” she asked me.
“S-sure!” I took the ring and carefully put it on her ring finger.
“Thanks~ Erm…can I…too?”
I nodded. She took the ring she bought me and put it on my ring finger as well.

“Yaaaay~” we both giggled and hugged us.


It was about 11:00p.m when we walked around in a park near my apartment.
It was really cold. Miki was shivering really strong. Somehow the scene remembered me of Hokkaido… I put my right arm around her shoulders and held her closer to me.
“You’re ok?”
She smiled and nodded. Her cheeks were red because of the cold.
“You were right Aya…it is romantic outside here…even it’s a bit cold but your body is so warm…I can feel your heartbeat…it’s relaxing…” Miki stopped, closed her eyes and shifted nearer. My body got warmer and warmer.
“Aya…the new year is coming nearer and nearer…”
“Please let me be still a part in your life then too…”
“I will…I will take care of you…no matter what happens…you will be in my heart. You are my love and my best friend.”
She just wanted to say something but…

“A- Hey look! It’s snowing!”
“Ah really!” I replied and looked up.
“Yeah…That’s even more romantic…”
“We are really lucky, right?
“We are…we really are.” I smiled and put my arm around Miki again.

“C-can we go back again? I’m freezing…” Miki stuttered.
“I thought my body is warm?”
“It is! But, I want to go to your place again…It’s nicer there…No hard park bench but a really really nice and warm bed!”
“Oh I see. Ok then let’s go!!!”


Miki was right a warm bed is nicer than a park bench.
We cuddled ourselves under the blanket. Nothing is nicer to cuddle with the most be loved to finish a romantic day.

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