Chapter 11

I had to do a lot of Phone calls when we came to my apartment.
The police know every detail and they were searching for this….ARGH!!!
Tsunku was completely shocked. But we didn’t tell him that this guy was Miki’s Ex Boyfriend. He also made Miki a present. Tsunku said she should fly to Hawaii for a few days. What I found really surprising was that I have to go there too. Of course I would be there for work. But you know...knowing that Miki is there as well made me happy.

In the afternoon we got a call from the police.
Miki’s got robbed. They only got little clues…but still no sign of this ARGH!!
But they said that we can go out normally. Even…one thing is clear! I won’t let Miki alone if we would go out. Together we would be stronger right?

Miki was sleeping since a few hours ago.
I was sitting on my bed, Miki lying in my arms and her head rested on my shoulder. My heart was filled with happiness to have her so close again.
Her eyelashes were tickling against my neck when she woke up.

“Here…” I whispered back.
She snuggled into me again but looked up, “Some news?”
I shook my head. Miki sighed.
“Don’t worry…”
“Aya?...could we get out for a bit? I think it would help me a bit…”
“Are you sure?” I asked.
Miki nodded.

Anyway…I lost my Yoyo when I ran towards Miki this morning…Wouldn’t be bad to search for it…Lot’s of Memories are in this Yoyo…


“Hmm…it must be somewhere…” Miki said and looked around.
“There!” I said happily and picked it up.
“Oh gre—“

Hm? I looked behind me.
“Something wrong?” I asked.
She was standing there like she just had seen a ghost.
“Th-There…” she said pointing at something.
I turned again, “Hm?...Ah…Is it…?”
Miki’s face colour disappeared. She nodded.

“…Call the police.” I said and looked at her.
“What are you going to do?” She asked me quickly.
“Call the police…” I repeated again.
“Please…stay here…” Miki said and ran to a near phone box.


“Oi!” I screamed and grabbed him by his collar.
“You will gonna be in so BAD trouble now!!!” I shouted and clenched my fist.
“What do you want?” He replied cool, “trying to hit me? Ts…silly girl!”

“SHUT UP!!!” I screamed and punched him into the face.
“You have hurt her! No one…NO ONE will hit her!! And who does will get in big trouble with ME!!!” I shouted again.
This guy…he just sat there and grinned.
I could hit this crappy face again and again!

“Aya!” I heard Miki shouting.
I looked around. Miki and police! Great!

“Now YOU gonna be in trouble!!!”
Quickly I turned around. It was too late. He wrapped one arm around my neck and held a knife before my throat.

The police tried to talk with him. But everytime they tried to get nearer he held his knife closer to my throat.

“Aya!!” I heard Miki again. Carefully I looked at her and smiled.
Hopefully…it would work…

‘Please…I don’t hope I watched Dragon Ball without learning some moves…’

I tried to punch into his stomach and it worked!


But It was the wrong timing. I felt a bad pain on my right shoulder. When I looked on it…well…It didn’t look nice…
This idiot stabbed his knife into my shoulder!!!

“You…you…” I took a pause and gave him my Sukeban Deka look, “Uraaahhh!!” I screamed and kicked him right into his lower zone.

“Uffffffff….” Was the only thing he said and then he collapsed.
The police used the chance and ran over to us.

I was sweating and exhausted. The pain on my shoulder was getting terrible…
My eye took another peep at my shoulder…uhaaa…disgusting! My mind went blurry…I can’t look at blood long…it makes me dizzy…

“uh…uhaaa..ahuuu…” My legs felt weak suddenly.
I was going to fall!!
I fell into a pair of arms.
“Idiot! I told you to stay where you are!!” Miki’s voice was cracking.
I couldn’t see her clear…my hand travelled over her cheek and I gave her a smile.
“I let no one hurt you…” I whispered until my eyes were seeing nothing.


*sniff* *sniff sniff*

This smell…uhm…nice…
I opened my eyes and saw that I wasn’t lying in my bed.

“You’re awake…good.”
My eyes were fixed on a person sitting on a chair, “Hmm?”
“How do you feel?”
I closed my eyes and opened them again…ah it was yocchan…, “A bit better.”
“Glad to hear that” she said, “Look…” Yossie pointed at something that was near me.
I carefully got my back up and scratched my head.

A big smiled appeared on my face.
“She didn’t left you since yesterday. ”Yossie said smiling and stood up, “Ok…have to go now…please get well soon. You are incredible.”
I smiled and nodded.

My eye’s caught Miki again who had her head on her crossed arms, sleeping peaceful on the edge of the bed.
Carefully I stroked away a few hair strains out of her face.

“Ah…Did I wake you up?” I asked.
“Uhm…no…hey! You’re awake? Since when? Are you ok?”
I laughed, “Don’t worry. I’m fine. Thank you for staying by my side.”
Miki smiled and nodded.

We kept staring at eachother.

“By the way…I talked with the doctor…you are lucky! You already can leave the hospital this afternoon. “
“Oh really?”
Miki nodded, “The check up was good.”
Suddenly something came back to my mind again.

“Ehm…what date do we have today??” I asked. Sorry…but I forgot it.
“23rd November. Why?”
I dropped onto my pillow again, scratching my head and grinning.
“Why?” she asked again.

“We will go and watch the firework tonight.”
Miki took a pause, “EEEEEEEH???!”
“Not EEEEH!! I had this in my mind since a few months ago…I really want to watch it with you…”
“Only! If you are really feeling better!”
“I feel better don’t worry! So is it a yes?”

“Yeeeeeeees~” Miki said and hugged me.

“OUUUCH!!!” I screamed.

Quickly Miki jumped back, Did I hurt you?!”
I pouted my cheeks first but then smiled, “Nope.”
Miki giggled.
“Awww come here!~” I laughed and hugged her.

I looked on my shoulder again.
The injury will leave a scar for sure.
But…ah doesn’t matter.

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