Chapter 6

I couldn’t get Miki’s ‘naked’ picture out of my head.
Every time when she talked, looked or touched me I blushed and stuttered.

“Uaaahaaaaaa!!! I’m SORRY!!!” I screamed and jumped up from the sofa.
Miki stared at me, totally irritated.
“Huh? You’re ok?”
“N-no, err yes yes!” I stuttered.

Miki who was still irritated shook her head and started a new topic.
“So today is Saturday. What should we do?”
I thought about it…
‘Imaging Miki’s naked’ I shook my head.

“Are you really ok? You’re totally sweating and your nose is bleeding. We go and see the doctor, ok?” Miki asked and gave me a tissue.
“T-thanks. I’m fine fine fine. N-no need to see the doctor doctor.”
“You are repeating your words…” Her worried look came to her face.


“I’m f-fine! Really! I’m just a bit erm…” I took Miki’s hand, “Somewhere else?”
”Why? You are acting so strange the last days.”
“I’m just a bit…shocked…eh no not shocked! ‘Surprised’ by what I saw this morning…ahaha…”
“Hm? But you often see me like that.” She replied.
“Yah…but…not from that point of view…”
Miki began to giggle and then laughing really loud.

“Something funny happened?” Miki’s mum asked out of the kitchen.
“Yaaah!! This morning Aya came into the bathroom while I-“
“While she was cleaning her teeth!” I interrupt.

“And what’s funny with that?” Miki’s mum asked, “Hello?”
She took a look into the living room, empty “Haha, those young girls…”


“What?!” Miki shouted.
“Shhhh! That is embarrassing!”
“Eh but what-“
“I don’t want to fight.” I hugged Miki.

Her body calmed down.
“See that always works to stop you getting angry with me” I laughed.
“I-idiot…” she stuttered.

“Damn…it’s already afternoon…”
Miki nodded, “And tomorrow we must fly back again.”
I sighed, “Tan? What should we do now?”
“Let’s go walking for a bit?”
“Ok!” I said and took Miki’s hand with mine.

We were walking on a street that was surrounded with corn fields.
“Really nice.”
“Yep. Quieter than Tokyo.”
“Oh yes. It’s really relaxing here.” I smiled and saw that there was a village, “Look there. A little village.”
“Yes. We only have to follow the street until we get to a little lake.” Miki explained.

“Ho? Fujimoto san?”
Miki and I turned around.
‘Oh great…our fans are following us on our days off?’

“H-Hiro?” Miki stuttered.
I widened my eyes and stared at Miki, “Ya know him?” I asked quietly.
“Kind of…” was the short reply of Miki…
“Surprising to see you here again.” The Boy said.
Miki nodded and smiled.
“Who is that?” Hiro asked and pointed at me.


“She is working in the same Agency where I am working.”
“Matsuura Aya…is my…name.” I said and looked away.
“Oh I see. So what’s your job then?”
Miki was now surprised too, “Arr I’m a singer. Sub- leader of Morning Musume.”

Hiro thought a bit, “Never heard of them.”
I collapsed.
“What?” I asked.
“We are a bit poor and don’t have a TV. I’m working on the fields so I don’t get much contact with other people.” He explained.

Ok another topic…Why does he know Miki?!
“So, your friends or something like that?” I asked and looked directly at Miki.
Why was she still staring at him?!
“Aya? Let’s go yah? Sorry Hiro…erm…was nice to see you again.” Miki said and grabbed my hand.
“Ah, but Miki?!” Hiro shouted after us.


Miki didn’t talk until we reached the little lake.
We seated our selves on the grass.

“Miki? What’s wrong?” I asked.
Miki looked at me with a smile, “I’m ok.”
I saw it was a forced smile…
“Come on…tell me.” I said and took her hand.

And again my mind was blurred.
I leaned my head towards here.
Miki had her eyes half opened.

“Miki? There you are!”
We quickly turned around.
“What do you want?” I asked.
“I would like to talk with her.”

I looked at Miki. She nodded. I sighed and gave Hiro a glare, “Ok…I will leave you two alone then.”


“How long has it been now?” Hiro asked.
“Since primary school right?” Miki answered.
“Long time ago huh?”
Miki nodded.

“You didn’t changed…you are still beautiful.” The boy said and looked up into the sky.
“Thanks…So… what do want to talk about?”
“You know…” Hiro returned his look to Miki again, “We were good friends in primary school, right?”
“We were yes.”
“You left Hokkaido without saying goodbye…I was really upset…It’s a hard feeling when someone leaves that you love…”
Miki looked away, “We were only friends.”
“I felt more for you Miki…Well I still feel something for you…I counted the days until you would come back…”
“But I can’t love you…I love someone else already…” Miki said and looked directly at Hiro.

Hiro thought a while, “Is that so?”
“Hm…is it…?” Hiro began and made some gestures.
Miki giggled and nodded.
“I see…” He scratched his head, “Well I can’t change that hm?”
Miki shook her head and smiled.
There was a long pause.
“Ok than…It was nice to see you again. Please take care ok?”
Miki nodded.


I was worried. What did he want to talk about with Miki?

“Matsuura san? You can go back now.”
I turned around, “O-Ok.”
“Bye.” Hiro said and left the lake.

I jumped down the little hills until I reached Miki.
She was sitting there smiling.
“E-Everything ok?” I asked.
“Yap. The sun is going under. Better we go back now. My mum maybe is preparing dinner.”
I nodded.
We went back the way where we were coming from.


The day ended really quickly.
On the next day we enjoined our last dinner with Miki’s parents.
But we were really tired after we said goodbye and were sitting on our plane back to Tokyo.
This time it only took 1 hour to arrive there.
We fetched a taxi and drove to Miki’s apartment.

“Could you wait here please? I will come back in a few minutes again.” I said to the taxi driver and helped Miki with her bags.


“Thanks for coming with me Aya.” Miki said and put her bags down.
“No I have to thank you. It was a really nice weekend.”
Miki giggled.
What’s so funny hm?”
I smiled, “Ok. I will go now. See you at work.”

“Right.” Miki said, putting her left hand on my cheek and giving me a little kiss on the right one.
Quickly she jumped into her apartment.
I blushed and stared at the door.
“Thanks Miki…” I whispered and went down to the taxi.

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