Chapter 10


I felt cold and my nose was running.
“Oh shit…” I sighed and looked around. It looked like I fell asleep under the bridge. But a blanket was wrapped around me? How could that be? I was alone…or not?

“Finally you are awake.” I heard an old mans voice.
I quickly stood up. He surprised me!
“Ehh…” I stuttered.
“What is a pretty girl like you doing outside in the cold?”
I could have asked that myself to be true…
I shook my head, “Trouble…”
The man laughed, “Fine. You’re doing well, so leave now.”

“T-thanks for the blanket.”
The man smiled and nodded.

I was even luckier when I saw a free taxi driving on the street.


I reached my apartment and headed directly into the bathroom for a shower. Hopefully it would calm me down a bit. My body was in pain, my heart even more… I’m still asking me why she did that…She lied to me! It’s unfair!

A lot of messages from my mum, Maki, Yossie and from her…
While I checked them my doorbell rang.

“Aya!! Open up!!”
It was Maki’s voice. Slowly I walked to the door and opened it. Maki looked really exhausted. Her eyes were checking every inch of my body.
“Something wrong?” I asked.
“Something wrong?!” she caught new breath, “Damn Aya! Where have you been?! We were worried about you!”

“I was here.” I lied.
“So?! Why haven’t you answered my messages?”
I looked up at Maki and sighed, “Cell phone was switched off.”
“Ok. But I was here about 0:10 a.m.! You weren’t here! Miki and Yossie were knocking on my door at 11:30 p.m.! I was already sleeping! The knockings were getting louder so I stood up and saw two completely exhausted girls in front of me! They were searching for you all the time!” Maki said.
Normally I should be touched right? I felt nothing!

“I wasn’t here at the time.” I replied.
“At least you are ok…Something happened yesterday with Miki?”
I shook my head, “No. When it’s ok I would like to rest a bit. I’ve got a cold.”
Maki hesitated a bit but then she nodded, “Uhn. Get well soon.”
I closed the door and went into my bedroom, dropped myself onto my bed and looked up.
“Urahhh!!!” I shouted angry and pressed my face against my pillow.


My free days were passing by. I stayed and home and just relaxed.
But today I had to work again. And it was really pain. Not because of her…my cold was very strong.

“Whoa! You’re ok?” Tsuji asked and touched my forehead.
“Only a little cold.” I replied. “You really look ill! Your cheeks are looking really red!”
I smiled, “I’m fine. Don’t worry.”
Tsuji nodded, “Oook! Got Futsual now! Get well soon!”
“Haiii! B—“ Great…Everytime when I higher my voice I had to cough.

“So let’s see…Dance practise now.” I grabbed my bag and walked into the dressing room.
And I wasn’t surprised of that what I just saw…

I gave her a glare, “Out.”
“Let me explain. Please!”
“I said out!” I shouted and grabbed her by her wrist.
She was fighting against my grip and got rid of it. She tried to hug me.
Not with me! I pushed her away. She hit against the wall. Again my colds interrupt me from throwing her out.

“Are you ok?!” she asked.
“Don’t touch me!” I shouted.

“Miki? Futsual is starting now..Eh? Are you two ok?” Yossie asked and stopped by the door.
I was sweating. What was wrong with my body? The only thing I could remember was fast foot steps and someone shouting my name…Everything…was…so...blurry….


“Miki…you should visit her…” Yossie said and took Miki’s hand. She shook her head and looked down.
“Why not? She needs you now…Her parents are away and she is at home with fever…”
“So why don’t you go to her then?!” Miki shouted and left the room.
“Miki?...what’s wrong with you…”

“Hm…shalala…shalala” I hummed a little melody because I felt a bit better. Maki told me that I collapsed in the dressing room. Thanks to Yocchan who called the doctor. He was here this morning and said that my fever has gone. But I should take it easy. Because of the fact that it was really nice outside, I decided to walk around a bit. I played a bit with my yoyo while I was walking.

It was really nice…not cold and not to hot…not many people around…
“Let me go!”
People screaming…Eh?
I didn’t thought of anything until I heard a slapping noise.

“What’s going on there…? Miki?!!!” I shouted when I saw that it was her.
Quickly I ran towards her. A big shadow disappeared in the little street.
“Are you ok?! What happened?!” I asked while trying to get her up.
It failed…she didn’t get up.
“What’s wrong?” I asked and kneeled by side her. She had her cheek covered with her hand. I slowly removed it and was shocked!
“Who did that?!”

Tears were rolling down her cheeks, dropping onto my hand.
She shifted a bit nearer but stopped. I knew what she wanted to do…
I placed my hand onto her back and hugged her tight.

“Aya..!” she screamed with her crying.
“What happened?”
“I wanted to tell him that I don’t want to be with him…but he…” Miki cried harder.
This asshole! “Where is he?!”
Miki shook her head, “I don’t know…” She held me tighter, “I’m sorry Aya…I wanted to tell you…”
I shushed her, “It’s ok…I have over reacted…”
I took her hand and smiled, “We don’t know what he is up to now…so…I’m begging you! Please live with me! I will take care about you!”
Miki looked up at me, “But you need your rest…”
I shook my head, “When you are by my side, safe, I don’t have to worry.”

“If I don’t make too much trouble…” Miki sobbed.
“No! Come…let’s go.”
I gave Miki my sunglasses and put on my cap again, “Wouldn’t be nice if someone would see us like this.” I laughed and placed my arm around Miki’s neck.
She nodded.

“You know? I’m there for you. I do everything for you.” I said and smiled.
Finally, Miki had her smile back on her face.
The most important thing I have to do now…being there for Miki with my heart.
And I hope…I can tell her…when the time is right…

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