Chapter 24

„You’re late…“
„Sorry I needed a shower and forgot the time! Have you ordered already? “
“Uh lala…Aya I think you already had you’re lunch~ you’re so naughty!”
“Maki! It’s not what you think!” I shouted in disbelief.
Maki laughed.
“You can’t deny it! ~ I know Miki and she gets what she wants.”
I blushed, “Uhm…what do you mean by ‘I know Miki’?”
“Wooo?! She didn’t tell you?!” Maki asked surprised.
“About what…?” I shifted uncomfortable.
“Well you know…things happen when you get drunk…” she mumbled and looked away.
“You haven’t…had you?!”

“HAHA! Me and Miki? We never slept together. I was just joking.” She laughed.
“I hate you…” I huffed, “Anyway…Maki are those gossips true about your brother?”
She bit on her lip and looked down, “Yeah…they are true and well I might get in trouble now as well…”
“But you haven’t done anything! What’s this fuss all about?”
“You see…one of Yuki’s friends who helped him with his crime…well he was my boyfriend.”
I was so in shock that I spilled my coffee, “W-WHAT?!”
Maki looked around embarrassed, “Sshhh!”
“I’m sorry…” I whispered, “B-but…damn…did someone tell you already how your career will continue?”
“That’s why I’m in big trouble. You know how the rules are… I love my job and I don’t want to give it up. But I think I have no other choice…”
I could see tears forming in Maki’s eyes.
That’s so unfair…
“I feel so guilty…”
Maki looked up, “Why?”
I sighed, “Well look…Miki and I am together. Even if we aren’t allowed to. You were in a relationship and everything came out. Why you? I feel guilty because you did so well to hide it no one would have ever seen it. It’s so unfair… you could lose everything.”
“Aya. It could have happen to anyone. So don’t feel guilty. But the last thing you just said might be very true… I don’t know if I will be taken by another label.”
“I will graduate as well and then I will take you as a model for my agency!”
Maki laughed, “You’re so sweet Aya-chan. I will look forward to it one day.”
We both smiled at each other.

Maki was always right… Everyone always thought that she was some person with no feelings. But no.
She has feelings. Strong from the outside but weak from the inside. Well not weak! But she also has feelings and it’s good that she shows them.

Suddenly Maki’s cell phone rang.
It was her Manager.
“Aya-chan I need to go. I will call you when I’ve found the time. Thank you for listening.”
I just nodded and we smiled at each other once more before she left.


“Ok! We’re finished. Good job Matsuura san. Tomorrow we will repeat this again and then there’s only one last meeting next week.”
“Thank you. See you tomorrow. Good night.” I said happy but more because of the fact that I finally have finished my work for today.
I put on my jacket, grabbed my bag and made my way down to the lobby.
Why is my work suddenly so boring?
There’s nothing what is exciting. But maybe it’s only a phase for me?

“Ah. Aya chan wait a sec please.”
I turned around and was quite surprised seeing Abe san here.
“Oh, good evening Abe san! Can I help you with something?”
“Yes, actually you can. Miki asked me for something and I found some information. Could you give it to her if you see her?”
“Yeah sure, I’m going to her place right now so it’s no big deal.” I smiled and took the sheets of paper, putting them into my bag.
“Information you said?” I asked Abe san.
She nodded and smiled, “It might be better if you ask Miki about it because I don’t have a clue why she wants this.”
“Hooo… I see. Well, I must go now. It was nice meeting you again!” I smiled and gave her a wink.
She returned it, “Keep up your great work Aya chan! Bye bye~”

Great work? Oh well…

Outside it was cold and raining. I can’t believe that this year will be over soon again.
Why am I in such a sad mood?
Aya stop thinking this kind of crap and hurry to Miki’s place!



Miki’s front door was opened so I went in.
“I told you get out of here you idiot!”
“No I won’t! Tell me why you don’t want to marry me!”

Oh great… Could this day get even worse?

“Hey…get out.” I said calm.
He threw his arms up into the air, “I won’t! And it’s none of you’re business anyway!”
“Get out.” I repeated giving him a glare.
He ignored me and grabbed Miki’s wrist.
“OK! That’s enough! I will kick your ass out of here!” I shouted, pulled him to the door and pushed him out.
He fell onto the floor.
“Dare you to touch her again!” I said in a very angry tone.
Miki was quite shocked by my reactions but came up to me after a few seconds of staring.
“If you come here once more I will call the police, you heard me?!” Miki shouted and closed the door.

I sighed, “I was really close to knock him out.”
“You were. I’m glad you didn’t because then we’re in really bad trouble.”
“Oh please don’t say the word trouble...” I groaned and collapsed onto the sofa.
Miki sat herself beside me, “Are you ok?”
“No…not really. It’s just…Can we make out and stop the time?”
“We could do the first but I’m not sure if we’re able to do the second.” She smiled and kissed me.
I let out a smile as well and let Miki climb on top of me.
“You know…I think that I should quit everything and just be here with you.”
“Mh…give your head a break time for today. Relax and uhm… relax~”
I giggled and yawned.
My princess helped me out of my jacket and stroked through my hair.
It was making me feeling comfortable and sleepy.
“Go and sleep a bit Aya chan.” She said cute and kissed my lips once more.

The nice and slowly movments of her hand on my head were leading me into dreamland.

“I…num num…love you so…mhh…much Miki…”
She whispered something back but I couldn’t quite get it.
I was too sleepy.

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